Optimism is a gift

by Cliff Rothband
(Coconut Creek FL)

I got hurt a while ago writing short stories, one story was used or as I was written back as co-incidence a TV special was produced with my idea, I got no credit since One : I gave my rights away, two; I did not do my writing for financial gain. So there are so many scammers in today's world. Still I told my story and entertained a few folk.

I found myself lately having panic attacks, Meds and counseling are available. Changing my train of thought is probably the real answer. Count backwards, count forward, subtract by sevens. Things do work out either way.

Look for the silver lining. I never did get anything I ever planned, more often it is acceptance that I have to work with. Just look at the people shopping in Walmart to understand that we all have a chance.

My wife volunteers in 2 schools. Bussed in kids often have there last meal for the weekend as a free lunch. But optimism brought them to this land of opportunity.

It is ending a school year, dances and parties are a happening. Someone suggested that many young girls had no dresses to wear. So we started a Facebook suggestion to get dresses donated . We made a few young women happy.

All that one can ever ask for. Happiness can be contagious.

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