Organise Life After Retirement

by Rod Rees
(Wales, UK)

I think that it is important to organise a routine for yourself.

For instance, I do my chores in the morning - washing, cleaning and cooking. The rest of the day is then yours to do as you wish.

This came to me immediately I ended working after I discovered that I had no clean socks and no meal prepared.


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There is a lot of life in the routine ....
by: Retd. Prof. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava. New Delhi, India

Dear friend Rod,

I congratulate you on your sensible setting of a daily routine of life .... preparing for the day, cooking, cleaning , washing, getting ready and then having time to spare for other non-routine activities like socializing, reading, writing. listening to music, watching TV and spending time on the Internet. Every retiree should follow your example. or some other routine that suits him/her.

I spend three sessions in the nearby park gossiping with fellow retirees while we walk around the park or sit on benches under shady trees.. There is no agenda and any topic that is not contentious is open to discussion.

These early morning, forenoon and early evening gossip sessions last about an hour each and are both entertaining and informative. These sessions also lead to the formation of personal friendships and the resultant social connections,party invitations and mutual help and support.

i look forward to more posts from you on the site Best Wishes. DKS,28/8/14

by: Wendy

Rod, I retired 4 years ago and thought I had my routine pretty situated... and yet flexible enough to R-U-N when my family needs help.

My husband just retired a month ago... unexpectedly (though voluntarily as he chose retirement).

Suddenly -- we both forget to take our prescriptions. Not a biggie... but not good either. Very odd as we timed our meds with Terry leaving for work, which doesn't happen any more!

I was doing laundry on Monday, when he went back to work after the weekend, tho I can do laundry any day i want. Well, suddenly, its not Monday, its anyday I remember to get going!

I just wanted to comment -- I got my routine going quite well after four years of retirement only to find it totally upset with Terry's retirement.

It's all good -- good to have him home...

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