Our New Age: Seniors Online!

by Julie Grenness, in Australia.

Seniors online! Yes, we have embraced digital technology, the internet and all its benefits. Otherwise, we would not be reading this website for baby boomers. This is a growing trend, expanding and educating retired people in
the uses of the digital world of the 21st Century.

Anyone can buy a computer in any format, to learn to acquire basic mastery of the necessary skills. Genius! We have turned on the internet! Great, we now have a portal to a whole world of opportunities.

Is there a health condition in the household? Browse, and learn reliable information about the condition, treatments and their side-effects. Online support groups are available. Need to do banking or financial transactions?
Yes, we can handle them online.

Housebound? Online, we can find
cyber buddies, social media, chat rooms, and websites for likeminded people, new friends anywhere in the world.

Want to contact family and friends far away? There is Skype, and Facebook, and other social media. We can make cyber pen pals, to create bridges across the globe, and make new friendships, with email buddies.

Can’t travel? Digital travelogues are very popular. Retired, and no longer in the rat race? Well, there are employment opportunities online, to work at home. Or we can seek employment opportunities by browsing.

Want to fulfil dreams of exploring old and new hobbies? A whole world of websites and free informational emails await, with tips. Youtube has coaching in refreshing old skills, or learning new hobbies.

Or do we want to play music of view movies? Online is answer! Maybe we want the latest news, and to read the daily newspapers online, and read news for around the whole wide world. Or we can browse for general
information of interest, and even study courses online. Maybe we need a larger font, that is all. So, scroll and click, and we can increase the print size.

Want new ways to spend money? Online shopping is the solution!

But, if we have technology issues, geeks are available. Our server can assist, or we can hire a local computer expert. Or we can ask some young acquaintance, as millennial hi-tech savvies are groomed in the digital world, they can often solve issues in a flash. Here is a sensible tip: ask the problem solver to write it all down, then practise.

Never be afraid to ask questions, we are all like Neanderthals to these young ones. But our retirement brains can embrace these changes in a positive way. How do you enjoy the internet today?

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Lifelong Learning
by: Joe W.

How do we use the internet? That is an excellent question for this group and it would be beneficial if all seniors provided an answer to that question.

I think the outside world doesn't expect much from seniors and also many of us tend to down play our own skills and our passion for lifelong learning. I believe that we are the generation that will show everyone that we can do much more than just reaching out to grand children or getting more info on what ails us.

If you want to know more about what I am doing personally everything is basically summarized on one page i.e. my website- http://www.seniorpreneur.ca/

I can lend some help to anyone in the group who wants to work on more complex projects such as the startup of a social or business entrepreneurial project.

Happy Easter!

Joe W.

Internet too expensive
by: Linda/Nevada

I got tired of my internet service going up in price every 12 months (Cox). Got up one morning and canceled it. I go to public library or my apt complex clubhouse to use wifi. I can now have extra money to do and buy things I want or need. I have also stopped being an internet junky. I read more books and listen to music from my CD collection.

Information Age
by: Anonymous

Seniors have amazing opportunities available to them by being digital & computer literate. Yet the majority of seniors 50+ seem to be confused and clueless almost immediately after they finish a traditional job. How could we wake them up and say that if you don't want to change and learn something new everyday you will be left behind?

Joe W.

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