Our New Retirement Lifestyle...

by Julie Grenness, in Australia.

What is some good advice for any retired person for our lifestyle in this time of Coronavirus pandemic? Well, those most at risk are those over 65 years old, with or without a chronic health condition. This Covid-19 form of a respiratory infection is spread from person to person, or by contact with infected droplets from infected people.

As some lockdown restrictions are easing off, we must still be very cautious about hygiene in the home, wiping surfaces and washing our hands. We must limit physical contacts, especially when socializing with grandchildren. Kids are very germy little people.

We are missing the old ‘normal’ social groups, movies, swimming, churches, clubs, dinners and travelling. In the real world, our new status quo may continue until 2021, or 2022. So, we can adopt a positive attitude to our future, instead of dwelling on free anxiety on news services.

We can still have contacts with friends and families. There are phone calls, video links such as Skype, or Zoom, or Facetime. We can maintain our social network with emails and phone texting. If a friend, neighbour or family member offers to assist us, we can ask them to do some shopping or bring over some different meals, or pick up some pharmacy medicines.

Our new retirement lifestyle means we should continue with a home-based exercise routine, depending on our mobility. Online, there are many exercise programs, or there are DVD’s, or we can use home exercise equipment. Cycling and walking are good, social distancing activities, if you are so inclined.

For our new retirement lifestyle, we can develop a balanced approach to our leisure. This is the time to explore any retirement bucket list we may have. At-home pursuits, such as writing, reading, art, handcrafts, gardening, collecting, cooking new recipes, studying online, or making pen pals, are now popular.

Ongoing, travel anywhere may or may not be appropriate or available, so we have to be flexible in our new retirement lifestyle. We must try not worry about all these tomorrows until they happen. Easy to say, but have a great retirement day today!

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