by Mark

Hello retirees!

Remember Paint-By-Numbers when you were little? I used to do them all the time when my parents took my sister and I to Florida to visit my grandparents in a retirement community. There wasn't much for me to do there, so I painted a lot of those things; my first exposure to producing my own art.

Well, I have discovered an amazing company called
"Paintable Pictures" in Columbus OH. Just send them any digital picture and for under $100 they will send you a complete, paint-by-numbers kit with your photo transferred onto canvas, two dozen or so small containers of the necessary colors, and even a couple of brushes!

I sent an adorable pic of our granddaughter hugging a pumpkin she was drawing hair on at Halloween, and I got my kit back in under a week.

If you can still hold an artist's paintbrush, you can create a treasured heirloom for your family.

I believe art is much like music. It has healing powers we have yet to fully understand. And it's incredible fun!

You can find all their info on their website:
"Paintable Pictures"

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Paint by Numbers
by: Nancy

Thank you. Really good idea. My sister, who is 2 years older than me has always been a painter. She restarted this occupation after she retired. I have a houseful of her paintings. She creates portraits from pictures.

I agree that creativity is good for the soul. My quilting hobby has gotten me through the pandemic. I also color. Very therapeutic and satisfying.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Paint By Numbers
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

My cousin has been doing Paint-by-Numbers for two years since COVID started -- and she frames, then gives each one away to a friend.

Right now, she did as you did, purchased a kit using a photo of her two grandkids. She's painting it for her husband as a gift! He will love it!

To see the variety of Adult Paint-by-Numbers that Amazon has, click below. This will tell you whether a visit to your local store is in your future!

Amazon Paint-by-Numbers

Spend your time creating art for your friends and family -- don't forget to sign it and add the year too!

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