Pandemic Blues

by John Chase
(Yakima WA)

So, what does one do to pass the day during the Pandemic? For excitement, I go shopping, usually about every two weeks, making the rounds through Costco, WinCo, Grocery Outlet (a grocery mart that has good prices but iffy availability), and Safeway (for whatever I can’t find in the first three).

These bi-weekly trips are made with a certain amount of apprehension, always on the lookout for potentially dicey situations (un-masked shoppers, those walking against the one-way and, especially, people who aren’t happy about everything and anything around them; There’s a lot of tension in the air right now). The store is explored behind my mask trying to get everything on the list (especially the wine list!) I try to express a limited amount of sociality although it’s hard to show my smile with this facial covering (need to work on my eyebrow communication).

I then scurry home, wash my hands, clean my car door handles and steering wheel and then pull out the groceries. It’s usually then that we figure out what was forgotten.

And that’s it, the highlight of the day (week, month…). All other time is spent reading, binge-watching television, Internet scrolling (gee, there’s a lot of nutty stuff on there), napping, walking the treadmill (not enough) cooking (at least one complicated, never-tried-before, recipe) and so forth. I think it’s important to have some mental stimulation, so I do jig-saw puzzles, crossword puzzles or the most challenging mental exercise there is, answering the most important question: Where did I leave my glasses this time?

I trust this finds the reader surviving the challenge we all face and hope to see you all on the other side.

Enjoy the retirement life!

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Why not make this time a time of adventure?
by: Carol Panana

Panana is probably the tightest locked-down place in the world.

Men are allowed to be out (away from home) for one hour Tuesdays and Thursdays and only for grocery and drug shopping.

Women for one our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We live on our 45 foot sailboat 250 square feet living space.

The hours of the day when these outings are allowed are assigned by the last digit of passport. So result is husband and wife can never be out together.

We are fortunate that we like one another and are not stressed by being together 24/7. We might like to sail or swim or snorkel or just take a walk on the beach, but we have a happy life, reading about places will explore later on.

I volunteer to call people who live alone. Good for me and them. Like most people there are always little projects to to onboard even though hardware stores are closed.

We are taking online classes studying Finnish and Spanish. We take turns reading aloud to one another. We do not feel trapped of bored or discontent. If you do not have anything interesting to do, find something that interests you.

Shopping does not need to be the highlight of your week. You risk your life every time you go out and to 3 different stores is irresponsible. Everything we need can be delivered.

Pandemic Blues and Beyond
by: Canadian Retiree

My blues are not just pandemic but an ongoing life long blues battle. This steady week of rain doesn’t help.

I’m missing my art class and exercise class. It was my little routine.

Retirement has not been an easy adjustment for me but things were looking up until everything shut down.

Right now I’m doing a real clutter clearing of our house. It feels good to get rid of items and clothes I no longer need.

Really blue, living solo
by: June In Wisconsin

I agree with the other posts. It gets lonely even with two big dogs for company. They miss having visitors as do I.

Miss lunches out with friends, but I have a home, food, a car and am retired so am not worried about providing for my family. I have a lot to be grateful for.

I pray the scientists get us out of this mess. Normal will be different,when it returns, but at least we can hug friends and be more social.

Pandemic Blues
by: Sherry/ NC

Yes, I have the blues. Boy, this pandemic will test you more ways than one. Getting outside helps me the most. Aw, fresh air and sunshine.

I do believe the opening of many states will cause the virus to spike.

I do wear a mask when I go shopping or where others will be and always washing hands.

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!

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