Pandemic loneliness

I am single and just retired in April.

I am loving retirement and I had a page and a half of possible things for me to do during retirement. BUT with this pandemic, the things on my list are very limited.

I do go for daily walks in the nearby park and I do daily cardio exercises. I am taking free online classes. I also am doing cross-stitching and playing the guitar. All that is well and good.

They keep me busy but I miss socialization. Online chats are just not the same. I miss the physical closeness and the hugs.

The only place I seem to go is the grocery store every 2 weeks. Winter scares me. I was cooped up in the house a lot during the summer - now winter is coming and that is 6 more months of being cooped in with no one to talk to.

I am going stir crazy. Anybody else in the same boat?

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Look for more places to go
by: Elliott Katz

You're not the only one. Here are some suggestions which you may be able -- depending on the pandemic rules:

-- Check out local cafes where they welcome people to read and write
-- Join a walking club where they maintain social distancing
-- Check out your place of worship
-- Take some of the online courses on dealing with mental health issues, such as "Mind Control" from courses-- free
-- Make peace with people you've been ignoring.

Social isolation is hard when you're alone. I look forward to seeing suggestions from people.

Get those hugs
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

Consider asking a few close friends or family to get tested or quarantined so that you can develop a small core group of folks that you can be physically close with. Trusted people, of course! You can create a bubble of even one other person so that you can be together.

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