Paradise Island, Largo, FL

by Lynette Wood
(Largo, FL, USA)

I never thought I'd retire to FL but I just love it.

Manufactured homes are the way to go. Community develops easily when you live a bit closer. And I found intelligent, educated liberals at UUC. Just my kind of people. A terrific supportive community there too.

You can be as active as you want to be. I became much healthier than before. Its sunny with blue skies here all year long. And its very affordable too.

You can afford to travel and see family or friends elsewhere. Of course in the winter they will come see you. Or dream of it.

Lots of new friends and life is good.

Sincerely, Lynette Wood, Paradise Island, Largo, FL

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Easy to get Home Helpers to come in.
by: Lynette Wood/Largo, FL

Everyone seems to think you must go directly into a Assisted Living Facility. Not necessarily true.

You can stay at home, Its important to have help around the house but it doesn't have to be 8 hours a day, daily. Plus its very important to stay in your social groups or develop new ones.

Very important not to get isolated. Between my church (Unitarian) and the activities at Paradise Island, you would be busy day and night 7 days a week. And its so easy to make new friends. And I hear that there are intelligent conservative people down here too. How great.

So forget expensive Asst Living. Retro fit your home and get a couple of assistants to come in. Its so much more comfortable and fun!

Maybe get an interior decorator in to redo your home to make it look like a Hilton Suite, why not! It can give you more room to move around and eliminated trip hazards. So its now beautify and
Still cheaper than Assisted Living at 6K a month.

by: Linda Lively

Lynette, I too live in Florida in Bradenton. The beaches here are beautiful, lots of free parking just steps from the water which is a gorgeous aquamarine blue.

Now I just have to figure out the best type of vehicle to drive back and forth to Michigan to see my brother in the Upper Peninsula...hmmm, maybe a conversion van?

glad your happy
by: richard


Glad you're happy and doing well there in Florida. I don't know if you've seen them but the financial writer Scott Burns had been doing a series of articles about the manufactured home communities in Florida.

By the way there are even a few educated, intelligent conservatives around. smile. Take care.


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