Part Time Job + Volunteering = Feeling Great!

by Cindy
(St. Louis, MO)

Silliness at Walt Disney World

Silliness at Walt Disney World

I posted a couple months ago about how I've been feeling anxious almost this entire year -- I was still working full time but felt emotionally "done" with work. I can't find that post, but that's my previous story in a nutshell.

So...what's happened since?

I proposed working M-W-F at my office and am now being paid hourly, with the full support and encouragement of upper management. I work at least 30 hours/week which means I get to keep group health insurance. (Prices on individual policies are ridiculous! Want to work until 65 so I can get Medicare.)

On Monday afternoons, I drive about 8 blocks from my downtown St. Louis office to a city elementary school, where I read to a preschool class. (Ready Readers' mission is to instill a love of reading among young children from disadvantaged neighborhoods.)
Then I go back to work for the rest of the afternoon.

From home on Tuesday mornings, I lead a sing along for the memory care residents of an assisted living facility near my house. From there, I drive two blocks further to an elementary school where I tutor a 3rd grade boy in reading (OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring). Then I have the rest of the day to go for walks or whatever I want.

On Thursday mornings, I swim at a nearby gym, shower, and then go to the elementary school to read with a 3rd grade girl. I lead a weekly sing along on Thursday afternoons with a different assisted living facility.

I'm spending time at my local library on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday -- looking for books I can "act out" to the preschoolers, books for my 3rd grade boy that will get him enthusiastic, and books for my 3rd grade girl who is reading on a 1st grade level.

I. Am. Loving. It.

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Love Volunteering
by: Anonymous

Volunteer work makes life feel worth living. At 103 my husband still does a little volunteering.

At 92 he was given a national meddle for his volunteer work. I also do a little.

Even our own holidays gave us pictures to entertain at retirement homes and nursing homes and senior clubs.
This helped us to be sure we had the right retirement home when we needed it.

Your activity!
by: Ken San Diego


You are an inspiration! Aug 11, 2016 I completely retired, and didn't have much of a plan of what I was going to do!

I figured I'd go on a trip to Thailand where I I have a condo, but even though I was all packed, airline tickets etc. ready...on the day 'of' I decided I wasn't up to going...I guess the limo to the train station (San Diego to Los Angeles, then limo to LAX airport, then waiting to check in, then waiting for TSA scanning, then waiting for boarding the plane, then a 15hr flight to Hong Kong, only to go through another screening after landing to catch my next plane to Bangkok, then another long wait for Immigration, then another wait for luggage... (I got so discouraged that I just cancelled that trip) Now, of course I am regretting that!

So Congratulations on your future retirement! I know you will be very busy!

by: Elna Nugent Lenox, MA

Dear Cindy:

You are what I thought....all that energy and enthusiasm , yet with a real sensitivity to be of help to needs of others...and bolstered by sustained strength underneath it all. I wonder if you have ever had an interest in any of the arts, especially music /singing as well as having the need to have beautiful surroundings,

You could have your own business if you felt like it...because you really prefer to be in charge--that is why volunteering on your own terms and choice works for you . In areas that affect society you are ahead of your time.

Beginning this summer, most of us have felt a terrific need to get out of the rut we are in no matter how much we may like it. Between now and July, most of us will make changes--small ones as well as big ones. And it will bring huge relief. If we don't make these changes, they may be made for us, and not really what we would have chosen. But it is all for the better.

Many blessings, Elna

My response to your responses
by: Your Name/Location

I am loving the responses so far. Thank you! Elna, I was born March 26, 1955 -- a spring baby, but just by a few days. I would love to hear what that tells you!


You are a shining example of how "retirement" can turn into something positive and wonderful!

Feeling great volunteering
by: Elna Nugent Lenox, MA

Dear Cindy. Was so impressed to read what you are doing with your life.

Do you mind if I ask you what season or month of the year you were born? I have spent over forty years researching things like this so I am interested.

You seem so physically and mentally active engaged in doing helpful productive things for others I am intrigued.

Many blessings.

by: Len/Palau

I am so happy to read such messages. Friends it is the way to go! Best wishes always madam. Take care.

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