Pension: Can I get benefits?

by james
(tn. )

I worked at a company in cincinnati, ohio, from may 1970 to july 1980, which should have entitled me to retirement benefits. I have most of the pertinent information: company, union, dates etc. How do I go about finding my status?

Wendy: I think you have two options:

1) If the company still exists, call them and ask for their Personnel or Human Resources office. They'd have answers for you. There may or may not have been a plan. You might have taken a refund when you left employment as many do (but don't remember it now, many years later). Just ask...

2) If the company is long gone, which I'd guess since you are asking... you can search for lost pensions at the government, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., at

To search for your own name, or the company anme, this is the page to view:

Best Wishes!

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