Phone Spam and Scammers

by Leaking Ink

September 13, 2020

Here’s an interesting thing that happened to me regarding phone spam and scammers. Since 10 minutes after Verizon installed our phones, Internet, and tv package when we first moved in 4 years ago, we have been getting 20 scam callers per day.

I signed up for the do not call list for both our landline and our cell phones. I signed up for Nomorobo. Each week, I blacklist scam phone call numbers in my Verizon call block. Still the scam and spoof and spam phone calls came.

I have an answering machine on my landline phone. We also have Verizon, which has its own digital voice messaging system.

I am also having health issues at this time. I was not getting the messages from my medical offices either at all on either my landline answering machine or through my Verizon digital voice. Sometimes a garbled messages would go Into my gmail, but I never knew when that occurred nor could I understand the few messages that I did get, for the most part.

Since it is absolutely essential for me to get my medical phone messages, and now that medical personnel are calling from any phone number from their home or a different office phone number, I called up Verizon and asked them to stop the Digital Voice Messaging System on my phones, both landline and cell phones. I was on the phone for awhile with them because the first Verizon guy simply passed me on to someone else, plus being forced to listen to Verizon’s long spiels while on various holds. I finally got a Verizon woman who actually helped me. She said it involved a simple unchecking of a box, which she did.

From that moment on, I have not received one spam or scam phone call to date. I have received non-scam messages on the answering machine that I have on my landline phone. It’s a wonderful thing. It’s a miracle...and I praise God for it!

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Phone Scams
by: Sherry/NC

When it works, it is wonderful!

Robo callers need a new script
by: Elaine

I receive robo calls at the rate of at least two per day. The apology call and the car warranty call. Both get hung up on rather quickly.

Come on scammers I am bored with you!

I was amused with the guy who called from India claiming he was a representative of the US government. I need someone new to hang up on - get a new script press 1 to accept.

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