by valerie bellefleur
(willow bunch, sask, canada)

Moose in late November

Moose in late November

I started taking pictures in the Queen Charlotte Islands but my camera was not good quality and we also did not get a lot of sunshine, so many of the pics I did not keep and unfortunately deleted.

I did not know how to use my photo shop program to lighten up the pics, so really I started to take shots when I got here to Saskatchewan with all the sunshine and clear days.

I started taking pics of old farms and homesteads and have come up with a large collection of shots taken at different seasons of the years.

I have had one picture bought for the cover of a cd and several printed in magazines. I really enjoy taking shots of something as simple as an old tractor in a field and the different colors of the earth and fields are wonderful fodder for taking pictures with the big sky which is always changing.

I never fail to find a picture be it winter, spring, summer or fall...

Would like to hear from anyone who has the same hobby or who would like to see some of my pictures.

I have also be lucky enough to capture many of the wildlife around these parts.

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by: mark/ottawa/canada

been retired since 2014..

got a canon 7d used and numerous lenses over the years mostly all used . learned a lot on youtube which is a fantastic place to learn just about anything!

I love wildlife photography, mostly birds. I post my photos mostly on facebook..would love to sell some of them but not sure of a trusted site that wouldn't take advantage of me... my wife just bought me a really nice camera this past christmas.. canon 1dx!

looking forward to many beautiful photos with it

by: Ira

I also like taking pictures. I have a Nikon D 3200 but never took a photography class. i just snap away. Did you take any beginner photography classes or just read about how to take digital pictures. Curious as to your response. I have a beginners guide to digital SLR for my camera and may start reading it. It is currently just sitting on my dining room table


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