Physical Activity As We Age

by Lon
(Fresno, Ca. USA)

20 years ago Scuba Diving to 100 ft. was a challenge I accepted and met. White Water Rafting on a Force 5 river was another. Walking and carrying a bag three times a week in 90 degree heat on a long 18 holes of golf. Playing that third game of Racquetball when I should have quit at two.

Today at 84 it's a physical challenge for me to take my walker to Target and shop for one hour, and moving from one end of my apartment to another with my walker or going to a doctor appointment using Uber to get there and my walker once there.

Lots of things change as we age and physical activity is just one of them. My Retirement has been super.

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new home
by: Anonymous

MY husband is close to 106 and physical exercise still helps him to fight his Alzheimers. Try a good retiremet home which provides good exercise.

by: Anonymous

What an inspiration you are, Lon.

We Have Be Mobile
by: Linda/Nevada

When I first moved into my apartment in this senior apartment complex, four years ago, I was determined to exercise as much as I could to maintain my health. I was walking approximately five miles around the complex (the complex is on 11 acres of land) and I was using the treadmill in the fitness room. On some days, I just didn't want to do it but I pushed forward.

Fast forward, I don't have the energy or motivation to do that much exercise. When I clean house every week, I started to notice that scrubbing the bathtub and the toilet was really painful on my back. I have found that exercising with a resistance band and two five pound weights helps stretch my back muscles and relieves the stiffness and pain in my back. I do take a three mile walk, when the weather is good, and I dance, in my living room, to fast music.

My biggest fear, concerning my health, is dementia. I have no family support, so I would be at the mercy of strangers if my health fails and I can no longer live alone. There is a documentary on HBO Go about Alzheimer's disease, which was produced by Maria Shriver. I will never forget a segment of this documentary that shows an experiment on the importance of exercise and dementia. You don't have to run marathons or play tennis, just move your body the best way you can.

keep on moving
by: Sherry/NC

I do Geri-Fit exercises 4x week. These are chair exercises at the local senior center and the YMCA here in my home town! I always feel better and it keeps you moving and an extra bonus you make friends!
Keep on, keeping on!

So Familiar
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

One thing -- My 91-year old dad can lay, and nap, all day long.

Last night, he had aches and pains everywhere. I asked him to walk... big groan from him. BUT he decided to get up and do the work, he could have totally resisted, but he didn't.

After going around the condo, 2X what I would have guessed -- he was fine. Not energized, but much more alert, paying attention to tv, chatting again...

Sometimes, it's so easy to stay in that comfortable chair. Especially living alone... too easy, nobody knows but me.

Lon -- You are ONLY 84. Keep Moving. Not easy but the more you do, the better you will feel. Don't let the "age 84" become your mindset. You can still be the go-getter, even less mobile than 20 years ago.

GOOGLE: Chair exercises.

Find a few you can do -- print them out so you don't forget. Do Them Daily. It really is amazing what comes back when you do some work... not like 20 years ago, but every little bit helps!

Kudos to you!

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