Plan Ahead (You May Need One)

by Laura

As my dear old dad used to say. Along with things like "Wake up and die right!" which probably encouraged me to want to sleep in.

Anyway, I retired recently after waiting to 65 despite complete burnout so I could get health insurance I could afford. But I don't foresee going back to work somewhere.

For one thing, the jobs aren't there. It's a close knit community and I've only lived here 30 years. It takes 3 generations to really belong. So that leaves the healthcare industry (not qualified), the education biz (EEEK), or human services, which I recently fled as it had pretty much vampirized me.

For another, I have rediscovered the freedom of not waking by an alarm clock with a spare in waiting. (Oh yes, night owl am I.)

So, knowing me from previous interruptions in work, I started exploring what would be interesting and fun to do when I retired. I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution to have a social and organizational component, plus I like history. I have many related craft hobbies that take various amounts of planning and setting up. These hobbies get me into other groups, challenge me and keep me busy.

On the day I retired in June, I was pretty much booked through October. No boredom, and no pressure unless I put it on myself. Oh yes, I have plans for next year too!

Those who don't have some plans when they retire can certainly remedy that easily enough. There has to be something you like to do, see, or be involved with. Try birdwatching, volunteering, or whatever floats your boat. Or go back to work if that does it for you.

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Wish I Had Planned Ahead
by: Canadian Retiree

The famous words of Benjamin Franklin - "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." come to mind when thinking about a huge step like retirement. It's exactly what I did.

If I could have a redo, I would prepare myself instead of just jumping into retirement with no plans. I'm slowly finding my way. I've come to accept that my work life is mostly behind me. I sometimes think I will go back and work as an auxiliary, but even that idea causes anxiety in me. I've been out of the workplace for so long now, I'm afraid I will be unsuccessful.

Volunteering seems within my reach now. At least with volunteer work, I'm close to home, there's no stress and it's quite flexible. Did I see myself in a volunteer role in retirement? Probably not! At least it's somewhere to go and something to do.

I one hundred per cent agree with Plan Ahead (You May Need One)

On your way
by: Sherry/ NC

Good attitude! You will do well at retirement!

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