Plan B (the rest of the story)

by Jim
(Ocala, FL)

It's been 2years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. We decided to sell the beautiful cottage where we spent many summers with our sons and friends having great parties, quiet evenings and sunsets over the lake.

The very rural (30 miles from the nearest supermarket) and the physical abilities of taking care of the place were the deciding factors. It sold to the first person who looked at it.

I think our sons were shocked ( we were). We have a townhouse outside of Detroit so we weren't homeless.

The winters are actually hardest on our health. I seemed to have problems with balance and also have asthma which cold weather agrivates. We decided to try Florida and rented a place on the coast, which, while scenic it didn't feel very homey.

We decided we disliked living in a hi rise (it was 20 floors up from forgetting what you left in the back seat of the car) and we missed having a yard. We ended up buying a house in the middle of Florida.

Our community is for 55 and older. Everyone seems very friendly. Our house is a few years old, but well designed for an older generation. We have many activites to keep us active, along with events we can go to each week.

My health is much better. I walk almost every day and use the clubhouse gym. A glass of wine watching the sunset, in January, on the porch, is great.

We still plan on going back to Detroit for the summer. Someday we may end up living in Florida all year. This wasn't our plan when we retired.

Things change that are out of your control. Keep your mind and your options open. Plan B may work for you too.

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City Girl
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your post. I am basically a city girl at heart, and am sure I would love Detroit. I like the anonymity of a big city. Where would I buy a property there if I just wanted it to sit and go up in value so when I die my son could have it and it would be worth something?

by: Noelle

There are places in Detroit that no one should go. But, for the most part, it's a wonderful city. I cherish the memories watching the Detroit Tigers (especially Billy Martin and his escapades. I love my baseball. We were also huge Gordy Howe fans of the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team. The area surrounding both stadiums were a part of the now infamous Detroit Riot 1967.

I would think by now that area has been renovated and hopefully safer to visit. It's a true part of black history.

I live North of Detroit!
by: Wendy

Small World...

I live about an hour north of Detroit. They are really working on it the past few years to revitalize it.

We've got friends who have moved to Detroit, and work with the new artsy and entrepreneur community there.

I, personally, just don't do Detroit.... yet. They are working hard to make it nicer today!

To Jim in Ocala
by: Noelle

Detroit, huh? I lived in Detroit for about 5 years and loved it. In fact, I met my husband in Detroit. He was a police officer and a very handsome one. :-) I recall driving to the mall one day, did some shopping, and came out to the parking lot to find my car was gone. Yes Gone!!

I called the police and since was husband was on duty that day, he and his partner were dispatched to the mall.

The car was found 9 days later way down hear the Detroit Baseball Stadium, gutted and burned.

Yes, I remember my days in Detroit well. The only thing I don't miss about Detroit are the early winters.

Do you remember Federal Judge Murphy? He performed our marriage ceremony right in his courtroom with a couple of bailiffs as witnesses. My new husband worked his courtroom fresh out of the police academy and that is who he chose to perform the ceremony. Although far from "glitzy" it was nice. We also had a surprise guest that day in the "then" Mayor...Coleman Young.

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