Plan didn't pan out

by Elizabeth
(Harpers Ferry, West Virginia )

I thought I had the perfect plan for retirement. Worked for the same firm for 37 years and did not retire until I was 81.

My daughter convinced me to move into very comfortable quarters in her home, this has worked out fine.

I thought I would fill my time with volunteer work...that was not to be. I have some mobility problems and walk with a cane, still drive my own car. I have discovered that my age and my cane are not welcome at the majority of the places I have applied, people are not shy about letting me know.

My mind is still sharp and my body willing, it just takes me a bit longer to cover territory. Insurance is one reason given..if I would take a fall. So..I will continue to knit for charity and keep looking for a place where my work experience is appreciated.

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by: Anonymous

It is very frustrating when people assume something just because you are a certain age or have a cane or walker. Even doctors, you have to tell them that you are quite able to speak and understand and t hink for yourself. Just another prejudice I guess.

by: Rose Raintree

I have discovered there are many online volunteer opportunities for Seniors and I began to volunteer three years ago with Focus on the Family. If you enjoy writing, and helping others answer questions that are needed, you may find this a satisfying way to reach out and provide a valuable service.

Here is the link that will tell you more about this service and how to become an online mentor : (Wendy added clickable link to the post)

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