Please buy and gift these Hip Protectors

by natasha

I believe we would all be much better off with these : I bought 3 pairs of the grey with hip, tailbone, and knee pads. They were 82 bucks each.

I also bought a pair of shorts with hip and tailbone protectors. These are Fabulous and I'm not kidding. I walk everywhere, and wear them. Once in a while I take the bus.

I live in an area with all 4 seasons. And yes, once I fell 1 1/2 feet straight onto my left hip and shoulder onto the hip pad. It really saved me.

My husband has fainted and landed on his tailbone. And you know what? Young people stop me all the time and ask where they can get them for rock climbing.

Also, when I am crawling around on my knees doing home repairs, these are super.

And recently when I had cataract surgery, and it turned around wonky, my 23 year old infallible grandson sternly said to me, "Grandma, wear your padded pants".

Honestly, I'd almost buy these for you all just to get you to get them. I got two pairs in grey, one in black, and grey shorts.

Because I am high-waisted, I unstitched the turned over waistband to give me a little more length in the rise, which also lowered the hip pads to cover my greater trochanter.

Oh, and also, during a walk in the fall, a bunch of pine needles covered what turned out to be a rise in the sidewalk and down I went. Also it was slightly downhill. My right side of my head hit, my shoulder, and my right hip. I lost a bit of speech for about 6 hours, but my hip was fine, and my knees also for that matter.

Certainly if you have a loved one in the hospital get these for them. They wash and dry beautifully. Here is the link:

Some day I may buy the underwear, but not yet.

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Amazon resources
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Protection from senior falls is so important.
When I took my Certified Senior Advisor training, I remember them speaking about how Falling is often the beginning of the end.

This was certainly true for my mother... she thrives in a wheelchair at 97, but just two years ago she was still walking easily. One bad fall... that's all it took.

There are a variety of products on Amazon too:

Amazon Link to Different Hip Protectors, etc

I never saw these before and could be helpful. Some look like padded pants and others look like suits of armour (softly padded, of course).

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