Pondering Retirement

I'm 61, married, a professional, employed, getting weary (of working) and pondering retirement. I don't feel well-informed of the process. Financially I'm in pretty good shape, but have a mortgage. I'm looking for advice on how to make an appropriate decision on retirement.

Wendy: Dear Pondering....

Sounds like lots of us... Unfortunately, there isn't enough here for anyone to give you any help.

FInancially is ok, when is enough ever enough. What will you DO all day every day after retirement? Have you considered that -- are you married and can travel together? Do you want to start an online business? Volunteer? Play golf (but you can't do that day after day)?

If you'd like to chat a bit, complete the Coach form (bottom of left column) -- and leave me an email address.

Best WIshes!

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Retirement Pondering
by: Mari

Well, with life getting more expensive by the day, and less things to really do without spending, I suggest for you to maybe downsize your hours of work, but not retire.

I thought that retirement was the best deal for me, and it was for a couple of years...but now I find myself wanting to belong more and do something with my "free" time or re-enter the travel 'work' force to no avail.

So don't rush, think things through and good luck!

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