by Zenobia
(Minneapolis, MN)

I shall tell you the truth....I really have a hard time with "letting go" of the holidays. Well, not in a crazy way....but it has been so much fun that I just don't like to see it go!

Juvenile? Perhaps, but I just bet there are some who are thinking along those lines. We have seen some of our relatives that we have not seen in a while resurface in our family and the reunions have been wonderful! All the dinners and gifts we were able to give to others in communities with less have been a real blessing because we used to be one of those families and when we had nothing, we were blessed by many and I will never forget. So, it's not just about the "getting" but the giving is a heart thing. It happens year round for many of us but Christmas provides extra opportunities to strengthen our resolve to help others and reminds us of just how blessed we are!

So, the removal of the Christmas tree ( which will happen next week because I stubbornly want to see the lights just a little longer) and the packing away of everything is just symbolic. I I know this is a season of the heart and the heart goes on to discover more ways to serve others throughout the year, but that whole Christmas thing keeps me in a wonderful state of mind long after the holiday is over!

Anyone else have holiday blues? You know, not really blues, but just hate to see it go!

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