Pro football..

by Bob

Since the new season will be starting soon, here's a true story that goes back to the "Old National Football League." In those days the goal posts were on the goal line...

It was a game between the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants.. Chicago had the ball on the Giants 4 yard line.

Since this was before the days of the forward pass, the Chicago quarterback handed the ball off to Bronko Nagurski, the Bears premier fullback, and the "Bronk" hit the line--bounced off one tackler, then bounced off another tackler, slammed into the goal post, knocked himself out, but fell into the end zone for the touchdown.

When they revived him his first comment was,
"I sure made those first two guys miss me, but boy, that third guy really laid the wood to me."

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More Pro Football--
by: Bob

After many years of running the ball, the National Football league added some passing plays to their
play books.

In Chicago, George Halas, the owner and coach of the Chicago hired Sid Luckman who had become famous back east for his passing abilities in college.

George paid him an enormous salary of $10,000.00 (which was big bucks in those days). He told Sid that he only wanted him to pass and that under no circumstances should he run with the ball..

The fateful day was a game with the New York Giants when Sid decided to run with the balls. He ran toward the sideline and the Bears bench, where the Giant players caught him and really piled on.

George Halas ran from the sideline and jumped into the pile of players.

An official pulled him out and asked,"George, what the hell are you doing?". George replied,
"I'm protecting a $10,000.00 investment"

Pro football ????????????????
by: Bob

Share/on -- Canada
Sorry, that's the best I can do..
Are you a blonde????

Wendy: Bob, I think she thanked you for the explanation and YES, I am blonde! Grin!

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Well, how about that* And how gracious of u to let, not only me know but, anyone else who didn't understand! Interesting~~ Thank You Regards

by: Robert Klima

To: Sharron>>>Canadian,

Probably the reason you don't understand is the
difference in the game. In Canada, you have a
league that plays football American style. You also have Rugby, which is sometimes called football. Add to that Soccer, which is a totally different game, but, played on a similar field,
and I can see how you might not understand.

The story is a play on words, as the goal posts in those days were made of wood.. So when Mr. Nagurski ran into the wooden goal post he inadverdently said, the last guy really laid the wood on me.

When it was, in reality, the goal post and not another player. Hope that helps???

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

l do not understand this comment, l am female, please explain to many of us who do not get it ! thank you~

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