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post retirement problems
by: Pat

After getting forced into retirement after working 42 years for a major financial firm, the biggest problem is my cost for health insurance which also covers 3 dependents.

I'll be 63 next April.

First thing I did was see a lawyer and filed a termination gripe. I received enough to get by through the end of this year. I then decided to do home projects to sell my house and move to a senior friendly state like SC.

Finally in the interim, I decided to take a retail job that I am enjoying...being out there with people instead of sitting behind a cubicle in a high stress job.

There are jobs out there, so get out there and enjoy life!

A Year Later
by: Geldstuck

I have tried several ways to keep busy (volunteering at the food pantry, the senior fitness center, and hospice) along with subbing as a teacher for the school district I'm in.

I have learned to spread out my cleaning over the entire month so I don't get it done in one day.

What I have learned from the volunteering is I'm not cut out for the food pantry nor the fitness center. I'm still waiting to work with hospice in my area after going through two trainings since April... and now it's August and still waiting to begin.

School starts in the fall but having subbed for about 6.5 days last spring, I'm not sure I want to return to teaching anymore. Sad that it's probably the only work I will make more money per day than the low rate of $8.50/hour. I could use some comments as to what I should do next.

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