Problems with two neighbors on both side of house.

by Linda
(Eagle Grove, Iowa)

I really don't know what to do, I have retired but my husband hasn't he is an over the road trucker and he went out bought a new pickup which has to be paid for. So another 8 years or better for him to get off the road.

We live in a smaller town that has been over run with *ethnic*, now I find nothing wrong with them if they obey the same laws I do. However most drive with no license and believe they are better than I. They think I am dumb, an easy mark and they harass me. The police will do nothing because the Chief of police is also a *ethnic*.

I am starting to have nasty panic attacks from all this. They key my car if I leave it out on the driveway, kill my flowers, my garden, pour motor oil in my bird bath, put oil on my American flags when I put them out, 2014 they poisoned the dog and he died. Poor guy. Who would think their own neighbors would do such thing.

We put up a 6 foot fence and the man to the west climbs over it. He is now cutting pieces off the fence from the inside out he has a knife so I am scared to go out by myself at night. I look over my shoulder when out because I don't want someone walking up on me. I have a right to carry and sometimes take my gun out with me just to walk out to get my car.

I don't think this is fair life, I have wrote to many a lawyer to get someone to help me do something with the police but can't find a lawyer to help me.

I wrote to Ombudsman a government group that is to help you with problems with the police. But even them want me to catch this guy on camera. I wish I could, I have up 6 of them but he is smart he walks around them or he hacks into them. So now I am buying hunting cameras and starting to put them up. We are raising the fence up to 8 feet but not sure that will stop him from climbing over it.

Now I want to move and my husband is upset with me. But I have diabetes all this stress is raising my blood sugars, I want to be able to grow things, enjoy my yard and not have to worry about someone damaging me or my things.

So does anyone have an idea how I can catch this guy on one of my cameras or any ideas how to keep him out of my yard. Last year around Christmas time he started putting nails in my driveway and I got a flat tire. I am starting to wonder what he plans to do this year.

As our beloved dog Ringo was poisoned between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I find I am very tired of this whole mess and when I can't get the police to do anything about them, the people on the east does the car damage and the people on the west does everything else. They both have cameras that watch my every move when I am outside.

I thought this was the United States the land of rights and freedoms. I hope someone out there can help me somehow. Thank You.

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I'm confused
by: Edward in Florida

Often a good social worker from The Agency on Aging can be very helpful because of their broad knowledge base. I don't want to sound negative but the thing that struck me the most was not your crazy neighbors but that your husband had just bought a new pick-up truck. And the kicker was that he will have to work another 8 years to pay for it. Sounds to me like more work needs to be done to get your house in order. I wish you the best of luck.

Fix It
by: Anonymous

I have also had issues with neighbors for 30 plus years as they have moved in and out. I have a small security business and have a few comments for you.

First of all, if your cameras are positioned in such a way that you neighbor is bypassing them consider having a good company come in and reevaluate the installation. Also the 1080p wifi cameras which are primarily for indoor use can be installed outside if you have a dry overhang area. The benefit of these are there are no DVR’s to deal with but you will receive notifications to your phone at the time of motion on your property. They also pan in all directions so coverage is not an issue. A small sd card can also be installed in the camera for short recordings if desired. With real time notifications you can now call 911.

by: Ben, KY

First, I'm very sorry anyone has to live like that. Also, sorry about the loss of your dog.

You really have no choice here. Your husband is chosen his life and a new truck, you need to choose yours.

I can assure you, you will not win here due to the obvious acceptance of this type of behavior in certain areas.

Move-it's your best option, it really is. CAREFULLY check out a new location and go and go soon. Your health is something you can't always get back once it goes downhill.

Trust me, if you need a gun to get to your car, it's time to go. I think you know that.
Good luck!

by: Anonymous

From her dialogue, I doubt that this woman could move anywhere without finding something wrong with her neighbors. Really, her "ethnic" neighbors on both sides of her are committing these bad conditions? I think she need some medication and a mental health intervention.

Problems with neighbors
by: Linda/Nevada

Move. If your husband doesn't want to move, then you need to move. We are the problem and we are the solution.

by: Anonymous

They are not "ethnic", the are "criminals". Maybe you need to contact another lawn enforcement agency, such as that state police

I hope you find peace, but using the word "ethnic" does not help your cause. Love the neighbor!

Wendy: I added the "ethnic" word, not the writer, I didn't want any group disparaged because of some bad eggs. People of every race are both good and bad... and yes, I agree, these are bad neighbors.

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