Providing Security/Safety Awareness Tips

by Fred
(West New York, NJ)

I am officially retired (I guess). I am 62 with extensive background in law enforcement, corporate security and teaching. I also publish articles on on topics such as safety tips for families, bullying, latest security news, etc.

I have a security consulting business with a website (for the record), but I need more advice and tips to get my business going through the internet. Any thoughts / ideas. My website is (if interested to review).

I look forward to my retirement which includes being productive and earning income form my computer.


Wendy: The site is nice... wish your blog was on the site and not simply a link to an outside free blog. Your site has no page rank or Alexa ranking yet, so I assume its fairly new.

Do you have statistics on how many visitors are finding the site?

On monetizing the site for retirement, you either need lots of pages and visitors, many keywords, for Google Adsense or some other pay per click advertising. You might also find a few fantastic security products that you become an affiliate for... you'd write about them, demonstrate them, and hopefully sell them and get paid a commission.

I love my website work.. keeps me productive, busy as I want to be, and free to play when I care to, and income too! It's a win-win for me!

Best Wishes!

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