Psychotherapist Retirements

by Linda

I would be interested in hearing stories about psychotherapists who have retired. Please share.

Thank you. Linda

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by: Donna - Michigan

I am a semi-retired psychotherapist. When I first retired I lost my identity and the job I loved. Suddenly, I found myself depressed.

I decided to return to work part-time and have not regretted it. I found retirement to be empty and boring. I enjoy working with my clients to overcome their problems.

I don't watch TV or sit at the beach all day. No, I enjoy intellectual stimulation and could not find a way to replace it with anything of interest when I retired.

What about others who left the field or are still in it?

Thank you
by: Linda/FL

Thank you Wendy!

Wendy: Thank you for sharing your story!

by: Linda/FL

Well after much contemplation I did retire a little over a year ago. I committed myself to allowing the first year to just be a time for me.

I did not do any volunteer work or take on any other responsibilities. Now, I have passed that time frame and still do not feel ready to return to any type of employment.

I am cooking, gardening, reading, walking, and focusing on listening to my inner voice. It is not only a wonderful time but a well-needed space for me.

Wendy: Linda, I love this! You being YOU! You don't ever have to work again, you earned this time. Everyone is different - do YOU!

by: Anonymous

Donna, I believe you and am so glad you are continuing to offer your gifts to your clients. Years of experience are so important.

Where I am now is that I am going to resign, take a break, travel, rest, take care of some household things and enjoy my husband. Then, I will re evaluate.

by: Donna - Michigan

I am a Psychotherapist going on age 70. I work two days a week in private practice. I love my job.

I have learned so much throughout the years that my patients find my help invaluable. I have a gift. You have a gift. Why not use it?

by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida and the Catskills in NY!!


I have often heard that the best career is one that you look forward to everyday.

Since you love your field of work, have you considered semi-retirement? Reduce the number of days that you work and take on fewer clients. See if that might work for you.

This approach will give you a flexible schedule and you can work as much or as little as you desire.


Introducing Myself
by: Linda / FL


I am Linda from FL and have worked my entire career as a psychotherapist/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have been contemplating retirement for the last few years and here I am still thinking "what to do?"

I am asking for you the reader to share any thoughts, feelings, and experiences you might have had as someone in the helping profession about your retirement decision.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work as it gives me ongoing lifelong learning as well as helping others. I have such ambivalence about letting go and shifting gears.

Please share.

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