by Alison NY

I loved reading your post about your pre retirement life and I was envious of that beautiful presentation of your efforts and accomplishments upon retirement. Honestly, everyone should get that.

I and so many others retired from jobs that we kept in order to receive a well-deserved pension but we were not happy in our careers, in fact, always thought that retirement would be our only reward.

And then we reached that time and found out that retirement in and of itself was not purposeful or necessarily a reward. It too was something we had to "work" at to make rewarding and enjoyable.

I wonder if retirement comes easier for those who really enjoyed their careers?? I personally don't know many who loved their jobs as most of my friends came from the same work environment as me and we could not wait to get out and be retired.

Like the acquisition of all that free time would be wonderful...and then many of us found it cumbersome, difficult to fill the hours especially in winter.

I have happened upon a wonderful retirement job at the local library after many attempts at part-time jobs for a few years, in retail and reception kinds of spots. Not enjoyable, nor rewarding. But the people (mostly women) at the library love their jobs. All lovers of books like me. And it is a nice pace and enjoyable. I look forward to work. I never did in any of my previous jobs. That seems to make all the difference...

You have a great mindset and I know you will do well with retirement. Congratulations.

Wendy: Alison wrote this as a comment to:
Never Retire, Just Change your Mindset.

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