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What I do with the quilts
by: Nancy

I've been keeping the Aunt Dora quilts in the family. There aren't too many of us left. Both of my sisters have several. Currently I am working on a quilt for my nephew and his wife.

I've learned a lot of skills since I started this, I think this may be about number 8 or 10. When I finish the Aunt Dora quilts, I like the idea of sewing and donating them like to new mothers and the crocheted afghan project. This lady who owns the quilt shop in my town makes quilts for Riley Hospital.

I'm open to suggestions from others on where to donate quilts. Since I started this quilting hobby, I've got all kinds of ideas roiling around in my brain.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Dear Nancy

This pic of your quilt is beautiful! The other ones u have produced must be just as lovely, doing a craft like this requires patience & is time consuming, but is very personally rewarding!

Where l live (Canada) Ontario, there are also women who have mastered the art of quilting & these quilts r absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Mennonite women gather together (like a club) make the quilt and many times raffle the quilt off for a greater cause.

What do u do with your quilt when u have finished sewing it all together? Your aunt would be happy to know u have carried on where she left off.

Having a hobby like this also is very calming, l know , cause l crochet baby blankets for little ones whose Moms' really appreciate the gesture* Also, keeps my fingers healthy lol .

The Art of Quilting
by: DianaM

Quilting is very popular in my area and enjoy visiting quilt displays. The colors used and designs created are similar to painting. The quilt you displayed is beautiful. Hope to see more in the future.

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