Rambling Thoughts Of An Old Psychologist

I’m a psychologist, prone to thinking deeply.

I have a mind always in wonder of the human mind. I find myself frequently sitting down on the bench in my backyard and just thinking. Pondering.

Heaven knows there’s not much else to do at my age and physical condition. I still don’t understand the fascination of being glued to a television all day. All my years studying and talking of the different theories about different stages of life, and here I am nearing the end.

That imagery of life flashing before your eyes becomes more and more real to me every day. Have I lived a meaningful and successful life? Have I completed all of my assignments here on this Earth?

I always end up in a place of thanking God and smiling.

Yes, yes, I have. Never did the young 25-year-old me realize how I'd be helping hundreds of people transform their lives. I've counseled and treated a range of people through the years. The most exciting ones for me were always the family therapy sessions where I began to see broken pieces fall back into place.

I’m satisfied with what I’ve been able to accomplish. I’ve helped many. Maybe I haven’t done everything (like flying to the moon), but I’m glad have had the life and impact that I have had.

What about everyone else here?
What are you most proud of accomplishing within your lifetime?

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Proud is how other people feel about my accomplishments
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

When I first read "Rambling Thoughts of an Old Psychologist, I pondered the questions "what am I most proud of?" I couldn't think of anything.

I waited a few days, and I still can't think of anything. Yes, I decided to become a Certified Public Accountant when I was a freshman in high school. I fulfilled that dream a few years after college.

I saved money and invested for retirement, and fulfilled that dream by retiring at 51. I always wanted to be a real estate agent, and I fulfilled that dream one year after retirement. I have shared my love of investing with coworkers, family members, and friends. But, my biggest dilemma is figuring out how to spend all of the money I have saved when I have more than enough to live on.

All of the things I saved for and that I thought I might want one day now seem unnecessary. And, I really don't have the desire to travel and see new things. Travel seems like such a hassle!
I live six months in Florida and six months in upstate New York, perhaps that is travel enough!

My brother once told me that once you can afford things you desire, those things are no longer desirable.

Now, back to the question of what am I most proud of? I would say I am not "proud" of anything that I have accomplished. That is because everything I have done I did for myself and was not concerned with how people would judge me or perceive my accomplishment.

So, I'm just as happy with what I have done whether or not someone else has said "you should be proud of yourself."

Just retired from years of working as a therapist
by: Linda

Hi there, enjoyed your post. I just retired three weeks ago after working many many years as a family therapist. It was wonderful. But hard work too.

I didn't know how I'd adjust however, I am doing well. I am giving myself a year to regroup without making any decisions about what to do next?

Saved me
by: Sharon

My psychologist has helped me so much😀. Thank you for your service with your patients!

by: Brian Sullivan UK

Hi Good to read your story. I have reached the grand old age of 71 years. I have a beautiful wife and two extremely supportive sons but I am still looking for fulfillment and the meaning of life. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

responding to the old psychologist
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

We seem to be in the same club, but you appear to be far older than I am.

I'm 76, and to maintain my zest for living, I still down every morning at my laptop, dial up YouTube, and listen to Frank Sinatra singing "I Did It My Way"

In 4 min 25 seconds, it ups the voltage for me and then I'm recharged to start the day.

Try it - and let me know if something similar gets your blood pumping


Bernard Kelly
Geelong, Australia

Don't Stop Pondering
by: John A / Tyler, TX

If you are satisfied with what you have done in life, then job well done! If you can put a smile on someone's face, ease their mind and help them be happy, that is a commendable accomplishment.

As for me, I strive to take care of my better half and cherish the times we have together. I enjoy bringing a smile to someone's face with my sometimes warped sense of humor. I get satisfaction knowing I helped someone in need; whether changing a flat tire, helping them understand today's complicated world, or just getting a laugh from them when they are down.

I am not a psychologist, but I do know laughter is the best medicine for the mind, spirit and body.

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