Rants and Raves of an Old Fart

by Irwin Lengel

One Man’s Opinion

What follows are various thoughts that ran through my head as I was sitting here at the computer deciding on what it is I wanted to rant and rave about today. Problem is that what follows is merely the opinion of an old fart (or cranky individual if that describes me better while you are reading this) and is based on years of holding back discussing things that get in my craw.

But with all that is happening on the world stage today and how people react to it, one has to wonder why some people find it hard to come up with simple words that will also be the right words when describing what is happening.

The more I see what is happening in the news today and what people are saying about it – the more I become confused as to why we have a pair of ears but only one mouth. With this distribution of body parts, one would think that we would speak less and listen more.

But, as can be evidenced by some of the remarks made in response to whatever is appearing in today’s news, one sees firsthand that such is not the usual case when applicable to everyday human interactions. One might say that the only reason some people even listen to what is being said is so that they can reply. But just because they reply does not necessarily mean they understand. How does that old adage go – “CAUTION – be sure BRAIN is engaged before putting MOUTH IN GEAR!”

Why do I say this – it is apparent based on what comes out of some people’s mouths in response to what is happening today in our world that over the years there has been a lack of effective communication not only at home, but in the workplace as well and in our social gatherings too. Such outbursts are truly damaging human relations (in this writer’s humble opinion) on many fronts.

Believe me when I say that being married almost 54 years is in and of itself a good example of not only how true communication works but that it is necessary in today’s world. For that matter when it comes right down to it, the greatest distance between two people is misunderstanding.

All too often it seems to me that ineffective communication is the main source of many of our problems in life. One could say that simplicity is the key to effective communication, and here again I could use the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) but rather than do that, instead, I will quote Albert Einstein who said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

What does that leave us with? We need to be more succinct, honest and direct with our comments when we make them. Not only that, when speaking, our comments should also be phrased in such a way that our overall motives are clear as well. Bottom line is that if we understand the subject matter in question, it is okay to speak to the topic at hand. But if we don’t understand, then we shouldn’t speak at all.

That is all I will write on this subject as I truly prefer writing about wild and crazy stuff that either happened to us or I read about. You know, the stuff that will have you laughing so hard you will be spurting coffee out your nose while reading my rants as you never know what I will come up with nor will you expect it ‘til you get to that part of the post.

In conclusion please accept this posting as merely the opinion of a cranky old fart and not the handsome, debonair, charismatic individual I truly am in real life. Yeah right, and I am also the guy that will try and sell you part of the Brooklyn Bridge or some really nice swamp land in Florida!

Until next time!

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Hear, Hear Irwin
by: Anonymous

Your ranting is spot on with the issue of too much talking and not enough listening.

I'll keep it simple and say hear, hear Irwin for you post today.

Rants and Raves of an Old Fart - Revisited
by: John A / Tyler, TX

Irwin, I would not characterize your words as rants and raves. Instead, I think we all get to the point in life where we get tired of hearing and seeing people say and do stupid things. Our tolerance has worn thin and we call things pretty much as we see them.

We see virtually all this nation's leaders put their mouths in gear before thinking to run each other into the ground; only to bolster their position in the pecking order in that God forsaken city. Yet none of their rhetoric has been given much thought about the impact it has on others.

The same can be said about the news media; whether we're talking about MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS, LSD, New York Times Rag Chew, LA Times TP,and the Wall Street Urinal. They all have their own agenda and they are ripping this nation apart. We need to stop listening to all of these news outlets since they do us no service in informing us.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to see the media and politicians pull together and do something for the good of the nation? It would be nice to see folks pull together and support the president even if we don't necessarily agree with what he has said and done. He's still the president who was elected via the process outlined in our Constitution.

But sadly to say, our society is filled with negative rhetoric coming from all directions. Everyone seems to be unhappy for various reasons and that only adds fuel to the fire for what is being said and done.

For once I wish all these folks would just shut up, think about what is being said and try to make life a little more pleasant. However, I don't think that will happen. Maybe it's time to bury the head in the sand or move to the outer reaches of Mongolia to get away from all the garbage we hear.

Proclivity oF Communication
by: Ricardo

Irwin, you raise some interesting points in your most recent post. Communication in this world is of great importance and I believe would resolve many problems before even begin.

However, I think that on occasion people would rather stay from the truth OR, simply muddle what in fact they are trying to get across because most of us do not want to hear the truth, OR, we are to busy with our own lives to hear anything that others have to say, "it's all about me syndrome."

People just do not listen, and IF they do, often times they fumble and are not articulate enough to communicate there thoughts or opinions either in verbal or written form.....it is simply a lack of skills that they never learned and have no desire to learn OR comprehend....they are in their own little world, and we as a society are being "dumbed down" so to speak.

Social media does not help the situation at all. Basic communication skills have fallen by the wayside and "texting", and other forms of social media have taken over. Forget about meeting someone face to face, looking them in the eye and shaking their hand and then caring on a stimulating discussion of what ever.....those days in most instances are gone, never to return.In many instances with people, that's all they know!

They were never exposed to the fine art of communication with intelligent questions and stimulating responses....they just do not have the skill set that I believe is imperative in today's world......but, what do I know, I'm just "an old you know what."

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