Reading is a Good Friend

by Irwin Lengel

Why do we cling to so many bad or maybe bad is too harsh a word – let’s say, unproductive habits.

Not too long ago I read an article utilizing the following quote: “So many books, so little time.” – Frank Vincent Zappa

The gist of the article was that “We are what we read!” I know of many individuals in our community that just love to read and have no problem just picking up a book and wrapping themselves up in it for hours on end.

While I can truthfully say that I have never spent hours on end just wrapped up in a book, I do enjoy reading and keep blaming our daily social life as the reason I do not read as much as I would like to.

Fact of the matter is though that we all are given the same 24 hours a day to use as we see fit. So, I have no one to blame but myself for not reading more than I do. I must admit, I tend to cling to my obsession with the television set as we do have several shows we just love to sit and watch. Fact is, were I to isolate some time from my so-called busy schedule, (you know, like giving up a show or two) I could have time to read.

It is all a matter of how we want to spend our time. I truly do enjoy reading and I should not allow my crazy mixed-up schedule rob me of the joy derived from reading books.

Reading, whether fiction, non-fiction, or just staying current with the news, does serve a purpose in our life.

Reading can improve our education (think “Self-help or How- to” books). Mysteries (one of my favorites) allow me to escape from reality and I allow myself to get so caught up in the story I feel as though I am there instead of just sitting in a comfy chair forgetting about many of the things I probably should be doing but will still be there tomorrow or the next day.

Take travelling for instance, if we are neither financially nor physically capable – one can still enjoy what other countries have to offer just by reading about them and then picturing ourselves in that particular atmosphere/environment. Is it the same? No. But for one brief moment in time, we have escaped from our daily routine. So much can be obtained out of the simple pleasure of reading a book.

Look upon reading a book as isolating yourself in a room with a good friend – one you are willing to spend some time with knowing that you enjoy their company and are looking forward to the time you will be spending together. A plan I intend to cling to for the entire year of 2017!

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When you can't read.
by: Anonymous

My husband and I live in a retirement home where we all dine together and also often have morning or afternoon programmes. This means some limits on our reading time. My husband's Alzheimer's has made reading difficult for him and since he is extremely deaf I cannot read to him.

I have already been a devoted reader. By the time I was in Grade 10 I had read a substantial part of the large children's library and was offered an after school job helping the librarians. Then I took degrees in English and History, being exposed to great deal more reading in very adult forms.

Here we have some people who love reading, some who never did like reading, and some who are too handicapped to read. Once a week we have a former teacher come in for "storytime" and she reads a great variety of short stories and articles.

I agree
by: James

I agree, reading is enjoyable and keeps the brain ticking over. I've mixed new technology with reading. I have an Amazon Kindle reading device and I can download books anytime. Mind you, I sometimes enjoy reading paperback books. Unfortunately, I live in a non English speaking country, so I have no library to go to.

Reading - A Life Skill To Cherish
by: Linda/Nevada

Thank your, Irwin

I'm so glad to hear from someone who appreciates the value of reading. I've tried to use reading as a topic for conversation to make new friends in my senior apartment complex but I have gotten disappointing and negative responses. I can't understand why someone would not want to learn about the world around them or just enjoy the creative talents of so many gifted authors.

Many years ago I met someone who was a director of a literacy program for adults who could not read at any level. It was heartbreaking to hear how people who could not read had to struggle in their everyday lives. I walked away with a new appreciation for the literacy skills I had acquired through my education as a child. Just picture how your life would be if you could not read a menu at a restaurant, enjoy a greeting card from a loved one or pay your monthly bills.

There are so many excellent books to read and so many of them are available at no cost at your local library. Adults who are raising children are always encouraged to read to their children early in their lives. It is a priceless gift that you can give your children and it is also a beautiful bonding experience. So, why would you, as an adult, not want to continue to read and reap the benefits of such a precious blessing that was given to you by your parents and teachers.

A good book will teach you new skills, give you words of comfort and will always be there no matter where you are.

by: Ricardo

Irwin, reading DOES offer armchair travel to the wonders of the world AND mind, however sitting for more than an hour or so whether reading or "boob tubing it" is a no no for human body, ESPECIALLY as we age.....try reading as you walk.

As far as the "boob tube" is concerned, maybe just turn it off! Even though most of us have hundreds of channels to choose from, ninety percent of viewing is not worth the cost of the electricity that it takes to in fact view it!

We MUST be selective in our expenditure of time as we age, because the clock on the wall is ticking at a very rapid pace! I realize that everything in life has a relative factor attached to it......what's steak to me is hash to you and visa versa!

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