Ready to UN-Retire? book

OK, You retired, now what?

Time to jump back into life again and find your new self! 

This is a quick read on life post-retirement.

If you have already retired, simply spend some time thinking about where you are headed. 

Do you know that many people spend more time planning a two-week vacation, than they do for retirement?

Retirement can last the next 20-30 years! 

If you haven't planned pre-retirement, start to consider your options today! 

There are many ideas you can take away from this book -- but it only takes one Ah-ha Oprah moment to make your Retirement ROCK! 

Best Wishes!

Buy Now -- Ready to UN-Retire - $5.

Contact Wendy - Email Coaching via your purchase:

This is new. I feel a deep need to help retirees... but with parent caregiving I simply don't have the time to pursue Retirement Coaching as much as I wish I could. As you know, I always try new ideas so here is the newest (2019) - I am doing email coaching as an add-on to my book purchases! 

All of my books are geared towards helping you in retirement. If you'd like a few coaching emails to help you move forward, instead of staying stuck... Let's do this.  

Step 1: Use the Contact Wendy page.

Step 2:  Give me your name and the name of the book you purchased.

Step 3: Tell me your story. Where are you stuck in retired life? 

Step 4. What can I do to support you today? Pick that one issue that you'd like to gain perspective on, kick in the gutter, or move past in some manner. Tell me enough of your story so I know the background and we'll share 3-5 emails, ok?

Just Write to Me!  Ask a question based on the book, or tell me what your circumstances are. You purchased my book, now let me take that purchase one step further to help you!