Recently retired- Still figuring it out

by Dale
(South Lyon, Mich. )

60 years young. I have been retired for 5 months.

Live on a lake in Michigan, so the summer was easy. Play golf, and worked part time at a local course. Winter will be harder to stay busy.

I will work at the course, for the C.C. ski program, part time. Just signed up for some volunteer work at the local food bank. Work out on cardio equip. 5 days a week. Reading a bunch, catching up on the good book list.

Just continue to have this feeling that I need to be doing more?

Worked for big corporations for 38 years, right out of college. Always had my time filled, raising 2 kids as well.

Does this feeling go away, the one that bugs me about doing more?

Wendy: I've been retired 3.5 years now and its still there for me! I do think I'm unusual, that's why I'm doing my websites -- to keep busy, challeged, mentally occupied! Like everyone, 30+ years of work and being Time-Challeged -- then suddenly all the time in the world, and what to do?

It does get better... I love retirement, just gotta keep me busy! Best Wishes!

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I'm still figuring it out too
by: Nancy

Welcome to the club. I've been retired almost 2 years. I still feel like I should be doing more.

For a long time, since I was having anxiety and depression over retirement, I felt I had made the wrong decision in retiring and felt boucoups regret.

I now know I made the right decision, but that nagging feeling. I've had some health issues and am very grateful I don't have to work.

This adjustment to retirement has definitely been a journey and not at all what I had imagined. However, just the other night, as I was going to sleep, I was thinking to myself, that I now see my days on end as what I had hoped: a series of holidays and vacation days where I can enjoy the day and not have to work.

Thanks so much for your share. This website has been the best thing for me.

Me Too
by: Dean

I'm 63 and retired 1 1/2 years. Like you I enjoy a number of activities but still have that feeling that I should be doing more.

I think the reason is because for the first time in my life I have unlimited me time and don't want to squander a minute of it. I think having that feeling is healthy because it means you are still open to new possibilities.

Just saying
by: Sharyn~~~CANADA


The same situation has struck many young retirees, we leave our jobs & we also leave a part of us behind, it is like a kind of DEATH.

Not much is ever the same again ~ however u r in for a BIG surprise because life goes on & life is exciting & wonderful & awesome & beautiful & u my friend r in for delightful memorable & loving TIMES to come.

Get cracking & start PLANNING!

Time to work and time to play
by: Nina from London


There are many ways to keep busy and the big question would be "What do you like to do?"

When you're working and getting paid somehow you're time quickly disappears and you have lots of routines and structure during the week. I remember teaching, coming home and doing housework, taking care of the family, marking papers and on and on.

But then there is the moment when you realise that you can choose and set up your own schedule. Wheeee! Woopie!

At first it can be daunting ...but then filling the time can also be fun. It gave me a chance to reflect on how I wanted to spend my life.

One very important urge was to help others. It gave me a chance to teach art for instance. Also, I've gotten involved in an international charity.

Wishing you happy retirement, Nina

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