Recently Retired: Two years to be able to say I love being retired!

by Joan/Massachusetts

I’ve been retired for two years after working at a job I loved for 20 years. I worked in a grocery store and used to wait on as many as 1500 people in a week! I had a lot of problems with my right shoulder and elbow and I get a fantastic retirement package from my husband’s company (more than I made working) so it made sense to leave.

At first it was great not being exhausted and sore all the time but after a few months I knew I needed more so I joined a gym and started volunteering at the library.

My son and daughter got married within 7 months of each other and are now each expecting babies in January and March. I had a touch of cancer which I’ve survived and have discovered the world of gardening!

I also go to the local senior center and learned to play mah jong and I work as a clerk for the town at the polls and town meeting. There are so many things to do and I just had to try different things. I didn’t like the gym so I stopped that and it may be time to stop the library soon as I will be watching my new little grandson 2 days a week plus continuing to watch my grand twins a half day on Fridays. It took me a full two years to be able to say I love being retired (November 13).

Do I miss seeing all those people every day? Absolutely! Would I want to go back to work? Not right now but the beauty of it is I can always get a little part time job and so can you if you want to.

You’re retired! Do whatever you want! You just have to try different things to see what appeals to you. Hang in there. Life is wonderful and so is retirement. Just give it a chance.

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by: Michelle/Florida

I'm about to retire (Feb or March) and I have mixed feelings. It's nice to read about someone who's done it and come out smiling. Thanks for the boost!

I so agree
by: Cyndy

I can so relate to your story in many ways. It will be 3 years of retirement for me end of Dec.

I was pretty lost at first, got a part time job and worked there for 2 years. In August I threw in the towel and am enjoying being fully retired.

I think it takes awhile and after working 28.5 years in one job it's hard to just stop working cold turkey! LOL well it was for me.

I am enjoying the holidays so much baking and doing things I never had time to do before. Even working part time cramped my style way more than I ever knew till I gave it up. I am hopeful I am done working but I have learned never say never! LOL will see.

I retired at 60 so guess I was just needing a few more years in the work force. I had this notion in my head I needed to work 30 years before I could retire and didn't quite make it with my first job so found another. I know kinda crazy right!

Well I am enjoying my carefree life style, Best wishes to you and how fun having those new grand babies to spoil!

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by: Irwin Lengel

Great post. Been retired now since 1996 and still loving it. The secret is keeping busy with things we want to do that we never had time for when we worked. Appreciate your sharing.

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