Recently Retired

by Anon

I am 67 and was at my previous for job 8 years. With new younger coworkers, one was clearly trying to push me out, while she was interning and learning to get ahead while belittling me.

I finally couldn't take anymore of this nonsense and the only thing management said was try to get along. Well I am in early retirement..i was "Grandfathered " in so I found out most employers would rather take the younger. College grads.

Now I am trying to enjoy this time but my husband has 4 more yrs. Before he retires and he works second shift!

Wish me luck it sure is a lonely place to be.

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Never Thought Retirement Would be Hard
by: Anonymous

I retired when I was 51. I did well in my career, and enjoyed working in IT, for the great companies. I was set with retirement.

My husband and I researched and opened a beautiful, very cool wine bar. It was awesome! For a number of reasons, we closed 8 months ago. Both career and the wine bar were very rewarding.

Now what? I'm struggling.

I live at the beach, play golf twice a week, go to the gym, but am still having a hard time figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. Yes, I am blessed. I know I am certainly not being appreciative.

I'm also bi-polar. I'm on the downside today, having a pity party. My medications are fine. I've been stable for 12 years. It's hard, going from being so accomplished to trying to figure out what to do.

Never thought that would be the case.

It is hard to find your way
by: plp

I retired at 64 1/2 and thought I was totally ready. I soon found out I hate sewing, crafts, photography (and I thought I would love doing all of it).

I have not found my niche yet..then we had a family tragedy and now I am more confused than ever. It has been close to 2 years and I have not found my way at all. It is very hard to get over tragedies more than ever being home to just think about it.

Wendy: you just resolved your own problem -- you need to get OUT to get over the tragedies in life. Work part time somewhere, anywhere, meet new people, greet customers, feel human again. Volunteer, just to be with people and not alone in your home. Join a club, go to church outings,... whatever it takes to get you our of your home and into life again.

Retired but lonely
by: Anonymous

My husband does not retire for another four years
also. I keep busy with the internet, cross stitching, reading, crocheting and at times having lunch with friends.

Yes I am lonely, my husband is on the road. So it
is four more years of being by myself. At times it
seems wonderful. Everything to myself, TV is nice
at night, no fighting for remote lol. I have tried to adjust and I guess I have.

Four years will go by quickly and then you will both be retired and able to enjoy more things together.
I am also glad I have found this site.


Retirement before you expected
by: marge

Sorry you ran into a bully but remember Karma is well and alive and someday if she's lucky she might be the older employee. Don't spend another minute focusing on this person.

This is a new chapter in your life Embrace it and good luck.

Usual treatment
by: Anonymous

Had the same problem in my latter years before retirement. These people don't realize they will be at "that age" one day and may get the same treatment. It's adult bullying and they get away with it!!!!!

Many supervisors are half perverts who enjoy that young stuff flitting themselves around to gain themselves ahead. The oldsters who know their job are no longer respected and have to put up with suck crap.

Worse for me.... I was administrative and could not belong to the union either as if that would do any good. I stuck it out until the end even tho I came out with a bad heard from the stress.

Any dirty work that came down the pike was blessed up on me.... but I'm bigger than that and wanted that federal pension so I held my head high and looked to the perverbial "goal post"! Glad I did!!!!!

Comments for Recently Retired
by: Nancy

The same thing happened to me at work in 2006. I almost lost my job. A younger worker bullied me and our new boss absolutely hated me. The younger worker was in tight with the boss. I landed on my feet b/c I was able to go back to my old department, then 7 months later, I found another job. I was 58 when I started a new and difficult job. This situation with the new boss and younger worker still bothers me.

But back to retirement, my first few months, year of retirement were awful. It is hard for you because of your husband's shift. My husband was already retired and we got along well after I retired. That was one good thing.

I've said this over and over, but what helped me the most was talking to others on this website who went through the same thing. Read the posts on anxiety and depression. Also finding a hobby which is quilting.

I wish you the best.

by: Anonymous


Now you are free bird enjoy, read,write,develop hobby and feel free.

Do the work of your interest,You can think that freedom is greater than job and money. Om,India

second shift work- retired spouse
by: Anonymous

Try to shift your awake time to second shift and then sleep with your spouse. That way you can do stuff weekends with more ease.

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