Recently Retired

by Cathy/ London

I retired a couple months ago after working with the same company almost 38 years.

The job was very stressful and a lot of changes & the expectation on keeping up with work load was impossible.

So for these reasons I knew it was time to retire and I definitely have no regrets with my decision.

A friend of mine had made a comment not long before my retirement date , that retirement is not all it's cracked up to be and I thought " well that's negative"

I know now what she meant. This is all new and a transition that is going to take time.

What I miss is my co workers but I am keeping in touch and meeting for lunch 🍸, and have joined the Y and going to aquatic therapeutic classes.
( Have chronic low back pain and arthritis )

I agree it is important to keep busy, however, I am struggling with how I am feeling, kinda lost and depressed .

I have always had difficulty adjusting to change & in time hope that I get comfortable with this time in my life.


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Cracked Up?
by: John A. / Tyler, TX

I think we make retirement the way we want it to be. Most made the decision on our own to retire while still healthy. We can make the decision to continue being productive; just in new and different ways. Volunteer, write, find a part time job, take on a new hobby, turn a hobby into a business or what ever.

If you mope around, then retirement will not be cracked up to what you thought it would be.

Recently retired
by: Lynn

I hate being retired! I was a busy teacher who loved the kids and her colleagues. I grieve every day and am not adjusting well at all. I have no kids, no significant other, no family. My friends are sick of me.

Cracked up
by: plp

It isn't all that it is cracked up to be BUT you will get to love the freedom. and that is what it feels like - freedom.

Sometimes you even wonder, even worry, how long will I have this "freedom". Meaning will I get sick and freedom is then lost to another type of life style.

I have been retired 3 years....we had a personal tragedy the first year so it started out horrible. Now I try to enjoy the freedom.

I like sleeping late, staying up late, etc. Some days seem pointless and others seem OK. I bought an E-bike and biked more than I ever though I could. I am 68 and felt totally free on the E-bike.

It's the little things now. I wish I could travel more but I am not financially able to do that. You will enjoy the FREEDOM....

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