Reflections on Life, and Death

by Ricardo

As some may know, I buried my 100 year old mother one month ago. Her belief in her Creator was great. I came across this piece in her belongings and shared it with all that attended her is a POWERFUL piece, and something she believed in to her death.

"The Power of Prayer."

The word, "power" brings to mind the "Power of Prayer." I am no preacher, but I do believe that prayer is the most powerful tool given to man for what it can do for his soul and sanity. It gives hope, it gives strength, it gives courage, it gives relief and calm, and preserves peace of mind.

Prayer is a one stop visit to the most powerful source in the world. It provides the strength we seek beyond human strength and relief. No appointment is needed, there is no waiting line, you do not have to rehearse what to say or how to say it. There is no rejection, no special office hours or cancelled appointments. Call any time, anywhere {even when you are on the golf course.} The price is always right and there is no sliding scale fee.

Results for favors and problem solving vary, but some are totally amazing. Using the power you have within you all the time is so simple that we may overlook its presence and importance. The Power Of Prayer is universal and non-discriminatory. Try it. You may like it......and it may help you!

No address book, "e" mail or telephone directory is necessary.

My dear mother heartily agreed with these words and lived it every day of her life.....may God rest her soul....and let there be peace on earth in the hearts of ALL MEN this blessed holiday season

Wendy: Thanks Ricardo. Beautiful and wise words! I totally believe in the Power of Prayer!

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Believe in the Power
by: Diana

Hello Ricardo, Thank you so much for sharing your Mother's words with us. To believe in a Power that hears and answers prayers is to have abundant life. Blessings to you and your family and may the spirit of this Holiday give you joy and hope for the future.

by: Anonymous

My husband's philsophy is that of your mother's. He too is 100 and still helps people whenever he can.
He is also amazingly healthy although he spent the war in a Japanese prison camp.

Daily reflections, prayer and meditation
by: Anonymous

Reaching your inner peace daily is a "centering" that could help bring calm and gratitude.
Thankf ro this wonderful quote.

So true
by: James

Yes, the power of prayer can be a great comfort. I'm sure your mother is resting in peace,, Ricardo. God bless her.

by: Arthur C. Ford,Sr.,poet/editor

that's a moving essay. i wrote two poems about life and death. i'll send you or anyone else copies if you contact me at:

Response to Ricardo's Post
by: Irwin

Thanks for sharing Ricardo. Your mother was wise beyond her years. If only everyone shared her insight. Be well my friend.

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