Regis Philbin retires!

by Wendy

Regis and Kelly

Regis and Kelly

Regis Philbin said Good Bye to millions of fans during his final tv show - “Live! With Regis and Kelly.”

At age 80, Regis has been on tv for 995,000 minutes throughout 28 years! Yikes!

“Here we go. This is it,” he said to open the show. “The final walk.”

I've often asked new retirees HOW do you walk out that door the final day? How? (and yet, yes, I walked... ) But Regis, like Andy Rooney, had to do this publicly. That must be tough... we all know that retirement is not always easy.

Then he says something like: “Where is Regis going? Regis don’t know. Stop asking me! I’ll always remember spending these morning with all of you.”

I couldn't say that to my own office, the words just wouldn't come -- and yes, Regis is a professional on TV, and yet, I can imagine the lump in his throat as these words came out...

Regis did get teary as they showed many memories and guests did the same. I watched all week -- all the funny scenarios he did for all these years! It was great to watch (and many I'd never seen before since I worked full time for much of his 28 years on tv). Finally, He even got a key to New York city from the mayor!

Finally, I love Twitter... and the "hashtag" for #RegisFarewell was HUGE! So many tweets about Regis leaving.. it was amazing!

Best Wishes Regis.. you may not be on TV daily, but we KNOW we'll still see plenty of you out and about!

Enjoy your Retirement!

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Regis Philbin, shows in San Diego
by: Anonymous

I used to go downtown in San Diego to be at Regis local show on Channel 8 (KFMB). He was a youngster then. But he was always funny. Always ready to TRY something new on the show.

I saw the San Diego Chargers players on Regis show in an "EATING CONTEST". BIG Ernie Ladd and others. That was why I got started following the SD Chargers.

My girlfriend (co worker) and I went to his show every weekend. I was new out here.

We had a blast down there at Regis shows. He will be missed greatly. But, I"m sure he will turn up on other shows now. I hope so anyway.

Good Luck Reege. Good luck Kelly too..

A REGIS fan.

Wendy I remember Regis being on public tv back years ago, don't remember the show but I know my husband and I watched it, and few others locally knew about it. Suddenly, he was on national tv... he will be missed. I agree, he will be around still, just not daily!

Thanks for sharing!

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