Re-Incarnation... What Are Your Thoughts On It?

by Brenda R
(Retirement Community)

Do you believe in re-incarnation?

I've always felt that i have lived before, in another life. A few things lead me to believe this.

First, i have always, as long as i can remember, had a flash of myself, with 2 other women, i think we were all sisters. Anyway, i see us walking along somewhere, perhaps a busy street downtown, or something, and in New York.

This is all i have of this, but as well, i would have these weird dreams when younger, of being in a huge body of black water, (obviously night-time) and calling out for help.

Sometime about 10 years ago, i started searching information about the Titanic and it's fate. I had always been fascinated by it, for some strange reason. As soon as i discovered about it, the dreams stopped. Odd! And, i've always been afraid to swim, never learned. As well, i think that whatever your fear in this life, has something to do with a past life.

In this life, strangely enough, i felt as though my mother and my aunt were connected to me in my past life somehow....maybe we were sisters? Well short of sounding off the wall, so to speak, this is just my opinion. But, i also feel that the folks you come in contact with and meet, were somehow connected to you in a past life.

As well, i've always felt a certain "connection" to the "Victorian Era", as i am very old-fashioned and love the furniture and other things from that era..Why is it we sometimes have a faint memory of a past life, or lives, just enough to make us wonder if we lived in another era and time?

Would you have some thoughts on re-incarnation? Do you believe in it?


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Pull from Another Lifetime
by: Anonymous

I certainly do believe in reincarnation, as does half the world (Hindus, Buddhists, as well as other traditions). Intellectually I accepted this as fact many, many years ago in the 60s when I had my first meditative experiences.

But I am writing to report something that's not intellectual, but emotional: though I was born and raised Jewish and in fact had no knowledge of Catholicism til 10 years ago, when I felt strongly "pulled" to be baptized & received into the Church, every time I saw nuns praying in movies or on TV I would weep as though my heart was breaking, somehow knowing that's where I belonged.

So, when I actually did convert I tried to make that dream come true, but was too old, so now am left still weeping, missing "my sisters." Pretty strange, right?

But sooo powerful a feeling each time, I can't explain it any other way.

Who Knows?
by: June/Georgia

I have always thought we keep coming back to learn more and more lessons about life. I am drawn to mountains and woods so think my former experiences were that I was a Native American. I do not think I am an old soul but a new soul here again to learn again because without a doubt, I still haven't gotten it right. Live On....

by: Elna Nugent LenoxMA

Back in the '70's while my husband Jack and I were on a tour in England, I remember the shock of seeing the house where I had once lived -centuries. ago. I was floored by the wild tumbling of searing memories that followed

>It was not a happy life in that house, because I was a child born out of wedlock and this was a cruel taboo in that day. My mother quickly married my stepfather who was very kind to me.. He knew my mother deeply resented me because I looked too much like my real father and his family who were of high position in the town. But that biological father was generous and often a package of beautiful clothes would magically arrive at our door.

One Sunday when I was about eleven years old- and my parents and I were walking home from church in the pouring rain-some of the rough town boys began throwing mud balls at me One threw a stone that hit my head and knocked my down. The boys chanted over and over " Ha -ha, we know where you get your fine clothes". When we got home, my mother went upstairs and didn't come down.

I became very ill . The rain had soaked through me. I had prayed constantly that I would die so I could escape my mother's icy rejection. But then one day I suddenly felt very good-even alert- and at that moment I looked down and saw my body drop to the floor. My parent rushed in to me.

I was hugely excited by the flood of memories that followed because I had gone through this death process so many times. I felt as if cords that tied me to earth were snapping free and I couldn't wait to see loved ones who had gone before.

In my life today, I feel a deep empathy for those born of so-called illigitimate births even though today the child is usually loved and welcomed into the family. I am very grateful to live in a more forgiving age. I had four chilldren after the age of thirty, and eventually eight grandchildren. I cannot tell you how honored I feel to have these remarkable, precious wonders in my life..

At another time, if you are interested, I may reveal the other flashback experiences that occurred during that London visit.

Obviously it has changed my life.

I have added a Stonehenge photo and The Red Lion Inn where we ate nearby-having joined another couple from the tour. Elna

by: Richard


I just recently retired and it is a big adjustment!

Many wonderful things will come your way!

I think the best is time!

The next best is much less stress.

I miss my crew and all my customers very much! However, I was slowly dying in that chair...

I stood in the doorway for a long time and finally after 7 months I am starting to build a new life!

I wish you the best in your decision.


We have lived multiple lifetimes
by: Elizabeth/Spokane

I do believe in reincarnation. I used to have dreams where I was a Native American, a nun in Italy, and some wealthy person in France. Recently, I have come to understand the karma that can be involved. I am fairly sure I was a drunken, abusive man in a previous life, who was non-supportive of his wife and children.

When I was in college and had access to a huge university library for the first time, I researched reincarnation through all the religions of the world.

Pretty much all of them have some belief in reincarnation. Even Christianity - at least in the early days, until some council decided to eliminate all references to reincarnation in the "official" version of the Bible.

Conversations With God
by: Your Name/Location

You might enjoy reading Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. You may know that in India nearly everyone thinks reincarnation is a fact of life.

Doing it again
by: Richard


I do believe in past lives. And we keep coming back until we figure it out.
Live happy with you Heart light turned on!


by: Sheryl /Oregon


I am 4 months shy of 60 and considering retirement. My health is not good but I am still able to work with many accommodations. But scared to take the leap into leaving work. So I would love to hear from others in my situation.

About reincarnation... I also have had those flashes of a past life. I really wanted to believe in reincarnation but read science journals and the human gene code contains more than just our ancestors eye color and bone structure. Scientists are actually starting to believe that MEMORIES are passed on through DNA.

So there goes our hopes of a second chance at life. Maybe all we are 'remembering' are the memories of our ancestors.

Interesting to ponder...


Why Not?
by: anonymous

Dear Brenda,

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on reincarnation since I have always believed in it, even though as a child I was taught that it wasn't "Christian" to believe in it.

My thought was, what if the Bible meant those who believe will have everlasting lives not life?

Also, I feel like I don't belong where I am living this life. I have an affinity for other languages and feel like I am not meant to speak English, but some European language. I feel like I belong "over there" somewhere.

I have also met people that I feel an instant rapport with, as though we've known each other forever....or maybe we were siblings?

Who is to say that we are wrong to believe in reincarnation anyway?

Just some words that come to my mind when you say' rencarnation'
by: Anonymous


Past Lives
by: Elna Nugent Lenox, MA

Dear Brenda:

Like most of us, I was brought up not to even entertain the idea of reincarnation. We were appalled that anyone could ever believe we had lived before.

But when our young family was old enough, my husband and I decided to take our first trip to Europe. We decided on Great Britain first since we knew the language. He was of Irish descent and my history went very far back in England.

That trip to London shook me up to the point that it still affects me to this day. I wrote it about some of it in my weekly newspaper column and in my book, Mountain Ash, and perhaps I can share a chapter or two about it with anyone interested in this Retirement Community-- in blog form.

It all began when our bus tour took us to a particular area in England where they still have sailing regattas. Our bus had to stop for quite a while to deal with all the the traffic.

You can imagine my utter shock when the bus stopped for a long pause in view of " the house I had once lived in and died as a young girl." I even vividly remembered that life and the "dying experience." That life even affects how I feel about certain things even today.

If hundreds of years from now you were able to drive by the "still existing house and street you lived in now," you might well remember what the inside looked like when you lived there and all the memories that went with it..

I had three other "flashbacks" while on this trip , each one markedly different from the others and you can imagine my husband's dilemma having to deal with all this. Luckily he had a sense of humor and said, " Well as I always said life with you has never been boring".

Today I am a far more open minded person. I don't laugh or tease anyone who believes or considers things I never would.

God Bless.

just maybe
by: ELaine/PA


I cannot decide if I believe in reincarnation or not but I do know that if there is such a thing then I lived during the Civil War period. I have always been fascinated by that time in or history.

When visiting any of the Civil War towns I feel very comfortable there. I haven't had any dreams or anything like that. At least none I remember. I know we all dream but I do not remember mine.

Have a good evening

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