Reirement Decision was not mine...

by Kathryn
(P.O.W, Alaska, USA)

I was a caregiver here in S.E Alaska. I was helping someone move things from the upstairs apt. Top landing collapsed and I followed, down past the broken planks and protruding nails; blah blah...fractures, etc.

As a result, I could not care for the elders and disabled, but gained more empathy than I had before.

Anyway, I retired 2011. AK is still my adopted home. It's a long story in between but retirement was not supposed to happen til my 70th birthday which is in 2 months from now.

Hey...not so bad!!😉

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by: Anonymous

Oh my how very scary. I hopw you are still physically ok. Two years is not so bad but forced is not so good.
Good luck and blessings to you.

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