Relationships after Divorce

Are you retired and seeking relationships after divorce?

Is Divorce the End of the World as you know it?

Well, it is certainly different that’s for sure. We can shake ourselves down, pay the lawyers, sink a few beers (or Chardonnays, if we are really Cool) and we are back in the Race!

Not So Fast… No that’s too easy by far. Please Don't DO THIS!

Do you REALLY need a relationship after divorce this soon?

We need time to figure out WHO we are -- before we even THINK about a relationship after the divorce! Especially, if this was a long term marriage -- and you are free, alone, single -- for the first time in many many years.

Stop and think -- who am I? where is life headed? who do I want to be now?

We need to take time out to reflect on what went wrong so we don’t make the same mistakes again, assuming of course it wasn’t our partner that was totally responsible for the divorce. Sometimes there are reasons that YOU might seek the divorce... and maybe this new freedom was totally wanted.. and maybe not.

Marriage, and divorce, takes two, doesn’t it?

We need to analyze the situation.

Take charge of our new life.. and just think about it all. Don't just live life.. plan a bit. You are in charge... where are you going?

Yes… Analysis is Good! You simply need to think about where life is headed now -- your new life! Step back and look at your life and where YOU want to head next...

So it’s decision time.

Do I want another Relationship?

Do I need another Relationship?

What will the Kids think?

Will anyone ever Love me again?

After all, I am now unhappy, used, emotionally not ready, and just generally in a confused state about where life is headed.

Hey. enough of this negativity… that’s going to bring on a severe case of “Why Me?” and You don’t want to go there! You really don’t!

Let’s assume that you are a normal, loving, sincere, active and intelligent person… now what?

Well, what about internet dating? You didn’t think that going back to the Pub, just like the good old days before Matrimony reared its head, was going to be what you would be advised to do?

There are more Dating Sites in Cyber Space than grains of sand in a Builders Yard. There is one for every type of Person known to Man or Womankind.

Sites for the Broad; or Broadminded; Sites for the Young at Heart but Feeble in Body; Sites for Geeks; Sites for the Over 80’s; Sites for Left handed Piano Players and just a few thousand more to boot.

In fact, the world of Dating Sites might make you wish you had never gone through the whole Divorce process at all. It’s almost as if the whole World is on the look out and that there are no surviving Marriages at all!

Actually I have a much better idea for the recently (or not so recently) Divorced Survivor.

Join a Club in your chosen hobby, or a church, where you will meet like minded People who will gladly regale you all night with their stories (so you don’t have to say a word!) and all the while you can be eyeing up the potential. At least when you do find someone with potential you will have something to talk about.

All in all - there are many avenues open to you. You are only limited by your own lack of imagination and don’t (whatever you do) listen to your kids. They don’t think or behave like Adults yet (and haven’t been through a Divorce) so how would they know what is good for you?

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