Remarkable Conversations About the "R" Word - Part 1!

by Gary R. Jay

How do you start a conversation about the 4th most difficult topic?

Do you call it Retirement or Reinvention or 3rd Age or 2nd Act or Encore Years or 2nd Half of Life?

The most difficult part of this journey is the 1st step.
After that step, some feel that you're half way to your destination.

Here are 7 remarkable steps to navigate the conversation from Dori Mintzer, a coach and therapist who is known to energize her clients. She is also a
co-author, with me, of "Remarkable and Real!"... a collection of 13 chronicles with remarkable questions and real possibilities for the 2nd half of life.

1. Agree to a time and place to talk with the focus on listening to each other.

2. Start with an agreed upon topic.

3. Agree to do no blaming or shaming.

4. Don't make assumptions.

5. Appreciate what you are hearing, even if you don't agree.

6. Agree to disagree agreeably.

7. Remember that it's not about who's right or wrong - it's about being heard and understood.

Our intention is to keep conversation expanding.

Our challenge to you is to remark... so we can remark... so all of us create a remarkable Brainstorm and Social Exercise.

Are you ready for our challenge to shape the rest of your life? Your lasting legacy?

Opt IN by responding to this challenge... have courage to dialogue if you want to thrive, not merely survive!

Opt OUT by responding any way you wish.. have peace by accepting your life as it is!

Opt IN favor of your best interests.. have wisdom in your choice... which is always yours!

Gary R. Jay
- Coach of Entrepreneurs Exploring Remarkable Life Options
- Coauthor of Remarkable and Real!
Remarkable Resource, Ltd., Rochester, NY
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Retirement ???
by: Cookie

Aloha..... I just "retired" about 6 mo ago but I refer to this as the next chapter of my life :)

Retirement to me sounds like withdrawal from life... to sit in you recliner and stare at the TV or read a book... That ain't me. I so enjoy working in the garden and... I am cleaning out of closets and drawers.. under the bathroom sink with bottles of shampoo been there for decades. Things I never had time to do when I was employed.

Course I am loving my afternoon naps :) :)

by: Anonymous

To me the most difficult part of retirement is loss.
Loss of good friends to death and/or distance.

Loss of vision...causing loss of driving and loss of spontanaeity and the ability (if I cannot find a ride) go to an event I want to go to.

The best thing is being on my own time schedule and able to go to sleep reasonably late, get up very early and take a short nap in the afternoon, a regime my body enjoys.

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