Request for quiet house, alone time

by anon

Ok, read all the comments on other pages for husband problems, My only complaint after six years of my husband’s retirement is he never leaves the house.

I used to enjoy my quiet house by myself, he has no interests or hobbies and never leaves the house, sits and sits some more, it is driving me crazy.

I am very busy and can always find something to do, lots of family close by.

I just want my quiet house to myself sometimes.

Help me move him out occasionally Lol

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by: Nellie

He's lost his identity and is clinging to his familiar remote. You both need to get out of that house. Have you sat down with him and agreed upon a day where he can disappear? Let him do the grocery shopping, run errands, or volunteer. My husband volunteers for the Red Cross blood drives, and he can do it as often as he wants. It really has been a God-send!

The damn TV
by: Georgia

My partner and I live in my house. We have been together for 11 years. He is crazy about me, I like him a lot. Different feelings. Our relationship is not a sexual one but a companionship.

We share some bills and not others. I am ok with this. What drives me up the wall besides his being a total cheapskate is the tv.

Goes on in the morning and unless he goes out to work his retirement lawn maintenance job the remote never leaves his hand. Up and down and down and up the TV guide goes. If you go through it one time then why every five minutes. Why change channels every time a commercial comes on.

The worse thing ever invented for female sanity was the remote control. My house is small and unless I lock myself in the back bedroom I am subjected to this damn TV.

Good things/annoying things are a way of life but I hate this annoying TV.

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