Resort Destination: White Mtns, Arizona

by Phillip DeNise

The White Mountains in Arizona is where I landed when I had successfuly claimed my Social Security retirement benefit using the online process.

After visiting an ATM with my brand new Comerica Bankcard, my first purchase was a $300 bus-ticket to Holbrook.

When I had arrived in the mountains (Show Low) at the end of April, it was freezing at night and very windy during the day.

I was surrounded by the largest contiguous Ponderosa forest in the lower forty-eight. I spent an entire summer in those beautiful mountains, and found it quite easy to remain active; I was out among those magnificent trees everyday.

Public transportation, for seniors, was surprisingly cheap & I found a motel room for $125/wk., which left just enough for food (grocery prices are slightly higher than elsewhere, while fast food prices are the same as you are accustomed to).

The summers there are remarkably cool & the monsoon rains only occasionally inconvenient.

It was the prospect of approaching snow accumulations that chased me back to South Georgia, though I could have just wintered in Tucson, Yuma or even Holbrook.

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enjoyed reading this
by: Rose Raintree

My sister lives in Scottsdale Arizona and have enjoyed visits there. Your writing was so interesting to read and I love to hear retirees find ways to stay active as that is so important so we can age well and healthy.

I sent you a friend request. and am a member on the singles group now. New to this site and could not find a way to comment on that site on anyone's writing. Hope to hear from you and become perhaps friends.

by: Phillip DeNise, now back in south Georgia

I took about $18 (not that easy for me) & joined the Senior Center, which had healthy hot meals daily (at a discounted price), and offered other 'food assistance' for those who needed/asked; mostly this was a card-playing bunch, and stubborn as heck when I tried to lure them into the forest for some real recreation.

I was trying to remove some 100-year-old barbed wire from National Forest land w/senior volunteers (a real lead zepplin).

Lakeside-Pinetop, AZ is great place for well-fixed seniors to find properties discounted by the 'great recession' of 2008.

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