Restless too Sometimes

Hello. I have been retired for almost 10 years, and my youngest daughter moved about 9 years ago.

I am 71 now and still feel restless from time to time. Maybe that is just the way us humans are? It keeps us seeking, learning, and adventuring.

Whenever I feel lonely or sad, I just wait a bit and it goes away.

I always remind myself that there are always choices to be made. But like most things in life, the transition time is most difficult, and you are still a newby at retirement.

Be patient with yourself.

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Restless not
by: Anonymous

I was restless.

But not in retirement. I was restless in my work career, which was chosen for me by my parents. I worked to support my passion and true work.

My true work was done at night as a musician. So now in retirement, I am anything but restless. I get to do my real music work, all day long.

And I took up art and get to do that. The hours pass by quickly as an artist, it keeps me absolutely in the moment. I get to create my own world on canvas. It's the best. So now into my 8th year of retirement, I'm having a ball.

Yes, I've had health issues every year, and normal worries and struggles like we all do.

Retirement is the best life has ever been for me. And it seems like a more normal way of life than the world of work where we drove in rush hour traffic, worked with coworkers we didn't like, bosses who were morons, put in overtime, and didn't make enough money! LOL

Just my opinion.

Restless Too Sometimes
by: Janet/Boston, MA

I too, sometimes feel sad and lonely. I have been retired 15 years in June 2023.

I suddenly had the loss of my husband going on 9 years. We had 6 years after I retired together. I wanted more years as we were to grow old together and had more plans and things we wanted to do. I realized I had no control.

Unexpected things happen.

When I feel restless and lonely, I try to get out in nature it always makes me feel better, I write in my journals, I try not to hold on to my sadness for too long. It is not easy but I know that so many others are going through so much.

I do get restless and have to clear my mind and find something that interest me.

Thank you for sharing your story. May you enjoy today. One day at a time.

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