Rethink Retirement

by Bernard Kelly
(Geelong, Australia)

I'm the founder of Encore Geelong Network - a small group of modern elders too young to retire.

And since my wife died 18 months ago, I visit my son (he lives 50 minutes away) every Sunday and we upload two videos to YouTube. They are typically four minutes each, and the themes are (1) Retirement Hobbies with Bernard Kelly - here's the link (2) Small Town Renewal.

Now a local peak agency - Volunteering Geelong - has asked me to submit a proposal to do weekly videos with a view to enhancing its profile.

What should be in this proposal? I like the Return On Investment approach, but in this case my ROI ingredients are Reframe - Optimize - Ignite a Passion.

What should be in this proposal? I would appreciate your thoughts.

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