Retire from your normal way of life.

by Helen
(Sun City, S.C.)

I never thought I could afford to retire, but I did.

Due to some illness with my husband, and my own, we were pretty much forced to retire. It was amazing to me that we could afford it, but we could.

Between selling our normal home, and SS, and some pension, well, it works.

Your expenses are less, and you just sort of survive. I don't think the average person thinks they can retire, but we can, and you can too.

My husband has since passed away, and I lost a little, but considering I am only feeding one person, and only paying insurance for one person, well the loss did not effect me at all. The loss of my husband was expected for many years, he was very sick, with many things. I

would like to email other woman or men who are also retired, and see how others live. Thank you.

P.S. I am healthier now then I have been in years. My doctor is always amazed.

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