Retire in the Sunshine!

Retire in the Sunshine... Why not? Lots of retirees do.

Many retirees move down south for the warmer weather during the winter season.

No gloomy winter months, no depression for missing out on the sunshine (vitamin D), lots of seniors all seeking some activity like you. It's a win - win for retirees!

Whether you choose to move permanently, or become the snow bird and travel back to your home state for the summer months, is up to you! Lots of options for retirement and I'm simply trying to show you what other retirees think about their SUNNY Move!

Check out the two cents of retirees who have moved to Sunshine locations - Scroll down!

Irwin lives in Florida and yes, he did retire in the sunshine! Now he shares his many Florida activities here. Irwin's Florida blog. Enjoy!

Michael retired and shared his Retirement in Arizona with you!