Retired 3 Weeks: No Energy

by Michigan

I retired three weeks ago, I workout every day but am having a difficult time with my energy.

I feel like I just want to lay in bed with the covers over my head and the fan blowing right at me. This is my favorite way to sleep, so inviting. It is as if someone drained me of all my adrenaline, the intensity of my workouts has decreased significantly just not enough energy to keep up the pace.

I’m 66 but use to high-intensity workouts, I don’t feel guilty or depressed, I’m loving this retirement thing but sure hope I get the juices flowing again real soon, this lazy stuff could get to be a very bad habit.

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No Energy
by: Anonymous

Oh my god, I'm the same. I sleep 8 hours a night. Then when I wake up I can't wait for my nap. Which is two hours long in the afternoon.

No energy, I walk the dog 2 hours a day. I belong to a gym but no energy to walk a big dog and then work out also.

I'm 69, been retired 10 months now.

by: Jane/Texas

You have come from a life time of being on a schedule for every minute of the day, every day of the week and every week or the month. You are just decompressing. It will pass.

Allow yourself the time to readjust to doing what you want to when you want to do it. Scheduleitis hits all of us when we first retire. We don't know what to do with our sudden laziness.

Sometimes it helps if you create a soft routine. By soft I mean, you will not go to pieces if it changes. It will. You will realize you now have to time to do something that was never on your schedule.

You don't eat by the clock or sleep by the clock any more. Relax.. you will get into the swing of it. Like anything else... it just takes practice and a little more time.

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