Retired: A Day In My Life

by Marylou
(St. Pete, FL)

Because I am retired, I have a lot of time on my hands.

When I first get up for the day, I make a healthy meal for myself. I either have eggs and sausage or cereal and fruit. I always drink milk for calcium.

After breakfast, I spend the morning reading. I love to read and it keeps my mind sharp. If I am not reading fictional books, I read books on science, math or art. I love learning new things.

Right before lunch, I take an hour walk around my block. I meet up with my friend Mary so I have some company. We tend to see our neighbors as we walk so it is always nice to catch up with them.

For lunch, I usually make a meal with a reasonable amount of calories.

After lunch, I go outside and tend to my garden. In my garden, I grow organic vegetables so I can eat healthy without having to spend so much money at the grocery store. After the tending, I take a swim in my pool. It is always very relaxing to have the water sooth my sore body. But, at the same time, I am getting exercise.

After that, my grand kids come over off the bus. I babysit them until 5 pm when their father picks them up. We paint and do crafts together. Sometimes we go to the grocery store to get food. Other times we watch animated movies that they bring over. The kids always keep me alert and happy.

After they get picked up, I watch the local news and make dinner. While I eat dinner, I watch the national news. After that, I read a book until it is time to go to bed.

I enjoy my life and enjoy being healthy and productive in retirement.

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Grand Day!
by: Anonymous

I love this schedule. It seems so relaxing, especially the reading part.

It has inspired me to feel less anxious about my own time.

Thank you
by: Linda

Thank you for sharing your daily schedule. It really has helped me feel better about my day. Thanks again !!!! Your day sounds very relaxing and rewarding!!!!

thanks for sharing
by: Carol

Thanks for sharing your day. I have put off retirement for fear of being bored and useless. Your day sounds blissful and what my day could be like, including the grandkids after school. I do have a question. On school holidays and the summer do you still watch the grandkids.

by: karen

Your life sounds just about perfect. My retirement is not quite so scheduled or peaceful, however it is my life. I have a sister who is 81 and still works 6 days a week, not because she has to but because she is afraid if she retires, she will be bored, I need to send her a copy of your note. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Lou
by: Eliinor

You seem to enjoy vegetables and fruit.
A hearty breakfast would be nice. I have
oatmeal with raisins,or better yet, with blueberries and walnuts,and low far milk.

Sometimes I have eggs, like a mushroom omelet
or Spanish omelet. I never eat sausage, or beef
or pork - ham, bacon,etc. I have whole-grain toast with breakfast or lunch.


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