Retired a Year. Not bored so far. ===> Make A Difference.

by Jeff in Texas

We have been hosting a weekly family and friends dinner for many years before I retired. We continue that today.

It is a family tradition that we have been able to sustain, even with a pause for the Covid situation that we have since restarted and are back to weekly. My wife and I do not have anything left to do on our bucket list.

We are happy spending time with family and living a slower-paced life. I also do volunteer work once a week (prison ministry). My wife and I are both introverts so perhaps that is part of our equation. We live simply. We enjoy quiet moments.

I do not have any answers for anyone but investing in other people, not yourself, seems to be a path to look into. It is with people you will see the impact. You don't need to impact the world. You just need to positively impact the lives of those around you. Even a stranger can be someone you can make a difference by stopping to see them and not just walking by.

Be a neighbor. Help a stranger. Be light. Make a difference.

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