Retired alone but now separated from husband...

by Linda

I wrote back in December about my crazy husband having to have a girlfriend who is married to another. She is 47 years old but wow she has taken my husband over in a heart beat.

Now I didn't just walk away, I put up one hell of a fight. But then husband has a mental illness called Narcissist which is lover of self and he lies all the time. All the time.

I can't trust him so now we are separated but not legally but I believe that is coming fast in the next few months.

Gee I so look forward to retiring and traveling. But the most I travel now is pushing a snow blower around at my son's house.

Oh yes now we get to throw in domestic violence into the mix too. It's true folks you can't have two women into one marriage, not in Iowa and not in my marriage. A divorce with a Narcissist man would be hell because he lies so much.

So believe I will be alone all my retirement but I am going to have some fun. Oh yes, and I am looking forward to Spring!

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So Sad
by: Judy

I don't believe that ANY spouse is 100% responsible for the breakdown of a marriage. Some day you may realize that your contribution or lack of contribution contributed to the breakdown. Please give it your examination of your own behavior. None of us are free from our own lack of being the "perfect" spouse. Best wishes for your own understanding.

Crazy husband
by: Anonymous

You mentioned domestic violence. Please get in a safe situation.

Leaving retired husband.
by: Susie, England

A while back i posted about totally and i mean totally idle husband. He had a brain scan as i was positive he must have dementia but all fine. Well cut to 3rd January this year i walked out.

When we have husbands who are so awful, its so much better to walk away. True you wont be doing all the travelling but you also wont be putting up with him, let the other woman have the "pleasure".

Do things now for yourself and however small you will enjoy them so much more. Good luck x

Good for you!
by: Michael - Warm and Sunny Venice Florida

Linda - Good for you! It sounds like you have taken positive steps for YOU!

If I were you, I would still get legal advice in order to protect yourself and hopefully you can get rid of that crazy husband and make him your ex-husband.

Wendy: Yes, you need to be financially safe, before he makes those decisions for you.

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